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About Us

volunteer and patientAt Myton we believe in providing the best care possible for our patients and their families. This section will help you find out more about what we do and answer some of the questions you may have.

Find Us
Find Us
Here are some maps to help you find us. You can click and drag the map in any direction or zoom in or out using the buttons on the left. To view a satellite photo of the surrounding area, simple hit the satellite toggle. We hope you find this useful!
Here is a short promotional video with more information about what we do.
Our Annual Report and Accounts
Find out more about how we are funded and how we spend our money.
Myton History
Myton Hospice History
Myton Hospice has been caring for patients for more than three decades andn even before it became a hospice, the building was a valued part of the local community.
Feedback and Complaints
Even at Myton we sometimes get it wrong and we welcome your thoughts and feedback on any of the services we have offered at any time.
Our Vision
Our Vision and Mission
At Myton the needs of our patients and their families always come first. Learn more about our vision, mission, priorities and plans for the future.
Reports and Surveys
Click here to view our latest survey and report results

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