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Internal and External Reports

Find out more about how we are funded and how we spend our money.Also view reports from the Care Quality Commission and Patient Surveys.

In 2013/14...

Did you know?

Last year Myton delivered services directly to 1284 patients, whilst a further 489 family members were referred to our bereavement counselling teams. 526 patients received 616 episodes of care through our two inpatient units, 319 of those receiving End of Life Care. 313 day hospice patients access a whopping 6,299 day hospice sessions. 135 patients accessed our Myton at Home Scheme (remember Warwick and Leamington service started late in the year) with the average length of time we supported families with this service being 17.2 days. Lymphoedema, Physio and Occupational Therapy delivered services to over additional 300 ‘out patients’.

For the first time we collected data about our strategic commitment to increasing our training for other healthcare professionals, to spread the word about how to deliver outstanding palliative and end of life care. Our Myton teams delivered 2,975 days of training to trainee and qualified Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Home staff and Community nursing teams. We estimate many thousands of End of Life patients will be receiving better care as a result.

Thanks to legacies our income for the year was a record breaking £10.6 million of which we spent £9.8m on delivering everything we do, including raising our funds. 21% of this came from the NHS the rest was down the sweat and toil of all of the fundraising team and the other amazing staff and volunteers that support them.

We finished the year with 913 volunteers and 282 staff (229 full time equivalents) and we are proud of every last one of them for their role in making it all happen! Thank you.

Internal Surveys…
In order to continually improve our services, we regularly issue surveys to gain feedback about what we do. Click on the name of each report to view it in full.


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