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How we calculate money spent on patient care

How do we calculate the amount of our money we spend directly on patients?

1 All costs of those teams working directly with patients

2 + A proportion of the costs of the Senior Clinical Team (calculated to remove some time for their broader organisational responsibilities such as governance, strategy, monitoring and reporting).

3 + A proportion of the business support costs such has HR & IT (based on staff numbers working directly with patients), catering (divided by number of meals provided) maintenance (based on floor space used for patients)and CEO ‘s office (based on time spent on patient related activities).

= This gives us the amount we spent on patient facing services

We take actual spend in the year. The amount calculated from the formula above is then indicated as a percentage of this. 2011/12, this was 82% or 82p in every £1.

For further information on this formula please see our annual accounts or contact our finance team, based at Warwick Myton.


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