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Our Care Team

Treatment at Myton is not just purely about medicine. We have lots of services including complimentary therapies, counselling and spiritual care.

Not all of our patients stay with us over night - many come for one day a week at our day hospices where they can access nursing care and all of our other services including art therapy and family support.

While at Myton you can receive help from ...

During your stay you will be looked after by a team of nurses which includes student nurses. The nurses coordinate your care and involve other health professionals as needed.
We can also help care for end of life patients in their own homes through our Myton at Home service.


Your medical care will be provided by a team of doctors led by a consultant or other senior doctor. Medical students are occasionally based at the hospice. Doctors carry out ward rounds on a regular basis. Outside the normal working day there is always a doctor available ‘on call’ if needed.

If you or your family would like to speak to a doctor please ask the nurses to arrange a suitable time.


A pharmacist regularly reviews the medication that has been prescribed for you.


The physiotherapist can assess your ability to walk or move about in bed. They can recommend walking aids and exercises to improve or maintain strength. They can also advise on techniques for dealing with breathlessness and pain.

Occupational therapists

The occupational therapist looks at your ability to carry out normal daily activities such as washing and dressing and preparing meals. They can advise on equipment for the home that can help you maintain your independence.

Complementary therapy team

We support the use of complementary therapies as part of the specialist palliative care services we have to offer. These therapies work alongside conventional treatments and can assist with symptom control and quality of life. Many of them concentrate on relaxation and reducing stress. There is a complementary therapy treatment room in the hospice but many of the therapies can be given at the bedside.

Please talk to the nurse looking after you if you would like more information about what is available.

Art facilitator

We have an art facilitator who works in all three hospices. She can help you explore your feelings and emotions using a variety of materials. If you would like to find out more about this then please talk to the nurses.


Coping with a life-limiting illness can be a huge challenge for patients, friends and family. Counselling provides an opportunity to talk in confidence, to someone who is trained to help you cope with strong emotions. It can help you to feel more in control even though there are some things you cannot change.

The Counselling Team also offer support to families with children, either working with parents, or directly with children, to help them understand what’s happening when someone in the family is seriously ill, and find age appropriate ways of dealing with the impact it has on their lives.

Counselling is available for anyone – patient, relative or friend - who would like it, either during a stay at the hospice or afterwards. You can ask one of the nurses for more information or to refer you, or can contact the Counselling Team on 01926 492518 and ask for the counselling secretary. Click here for more.


This service aims to help patients and relatives cope and adjust as well as possible to their situation. Clinical psychologists offer ‘talking’ therapies and do not prescribe medication. Referrals are made by the team looking after you who will arrange for you to meet the clinical psychologist so you can talk about the issues you have and agree on some goals to help improve the situation. Sessions can last up to an hour and take place as frequently as is necessary. Discussions are confidential but it is often helpful to agree to share information with the team.

Community Liaison Coordinator

The community liaison coordinator is involved in planning the admission of patients to the hospice and may be involved in the discharge of some patients with complex needs.

Lymphoedema nurse

The lymphoedema nurse can advise on the management of fluid swelling in an arm, leg or other part of the body that is caused by a cancer. The medical team will refer you if needed. To find out more about our lymphoedema nurse click here.

Pastoral care team

The chaplains and pastoral care team are available to give pastoral, spiritual and religious support to patients and their families regardless of religion, culture or ethnicity. There is a multi-faith room available in the hospice.

A Holy Communion service is held regularly and communion can be administered at the bedside. A Roman Catholic priest also visits the hospice on a regular basis. Your own minister or faith leader is welcome to visit you at the hospice.


During your stay you will meet some of our many volunteers. Some help with serving drinks and meals, some provide pastoral care or complementary therapies and others work on our reception desks, in our shops and as volunteer drivers for the day hospices.

Day Hospice

Myton has day hospices at Coventry, Rugby and Warwick. If you would like to visit the day hospice while you are an inpatient or find out more about what happens there then please speak to your nurse.


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