In memory of Ann Joyce Margaret Arrow

This tribute is in memory of a very special friend of mine. She was a lovely, caring lady who I miss so much……….

We used to talk to each other almost every day, we had a lot of laughs and I remember her for her kindness and love.

Our friendship develped through a love of Knitting and Crochet, we belonged to a group of friends online, called “Busymitts”. Ann and I were so lucky to make good friends with so many nice people.

Ann loved her craft work, she did loads of knitting, crochet and sewing. Her other hobby was gardening, and she enjoyed going on holiday with her partner Julian.

Ann also had a very large collection of Wallace & Gromit soft toys and memorabillia, she even knitted outfits for Gromit and took him on holiday with her !

Unfortunately we lived far apart, she was in Banbury and I am in Clacton, but this did not stop our friendship from developing and we grew to become very close, especially in the last couple of years, when she was suffering from cancer.

I miss her so much and I am now raising money for the Hospice in her memory……… I am selling lots of hand knitted items that have been made by Ann and myself.

Total Amount Raised £330.00

£100.00 donated by Lynda Lane on 14 January 2015
” In memory of my very dear friend Ann……….. so sadly missed. R.I.P xxxxxxxxx ”

£130.00 donated by Lynda Lane on 25 October 2014
” I am still raising money by selling lots of knitted items at Craft Fairs and in local shops etc…….. ”

£100.00 – Offline Donation on 6 June 2014
” from Lynda Ann Lane “