In memory of Iain Nason and Tina Wilson

2 very special people taken way too soon…..

Iain-such a genuine loving caring guy who was always there for for his family and friends.

An amazing Dad to his daughter Kayleigh and his son David. much loved son brother grandson nephew and fab teacher in local primary school. he loved his family and friends very dearly. there was never a time when Iain wouldnt have a smile on his face. Always able to make people laugh. Even when he was pooly he still managed to play practical jokes on the nurses who were caring for him. There was never a dull moment when he was about.

iain will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure in meeting him. Iain you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

love ya m8 xxxxx

Tina- An amazing mum to all her children, Kelly,Mark,Callum,Toni,ryan and Dale. Tina lived for her children and there was nothing she wouldnt do for them and her friends and family. She was always there when needed and always seemed to know what to say or do to make you feel better even the way she would look at you. She was a stubborn lady but had great sense of humour. She had a heart of gold. When she wasnt playing mummy she would always be found in the Tudor Rose pub partying with her friends.

love ya my bestest xxxx

These two amazing angels will be sadly missed and are truely loved by all family and friends. not a day goes by where you are not thought of.

forever in our hearts and thoughts till we reunite, but for now



Total Amount Raised £110.00

£10.00 donated by Leanne Muddiman on 1 July 2014
” From Faye bullingham via David newal ”

£10.00 donated by Leanne Muddiman on 20 May 2014
” from catherine watson for posh tea stall ”

£10.00 donated by Leanne Muddiman on 20 May 2014
” from jadey billing for glitter tattoos at the fete ”

£10.00 donated by Lauren McGrath on 19 May 2014
” Donation towards my table selling ‘surprise boxes’. ”

£10.00 donated by Christine Ramsbottom on 18 May 2014
” For NYR Organic stall at the July 19 fair ”

£10.00 donated by Leanne Muddiman on 12 May 2014
” from joanie hanna for table at fete ”

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” For stall at craftsman @sealed with a stitch ”

£10.00 donated by Donna Ashton on 9 May 2014
” £10 for stall, hair accessories and costume jewellery ”

£10.00 donated by Zoe Naylor on 7 May 2014
” Money for table Zoes cake craft (zoe Naylor) ”

£10.00 donated by Siobhan Talbot on 21 January 2014
” For Craft and Sweet stall at the Craftsman. ”

£10.00 donated by Lisa Cotterill on 16 January 2014
” For stall at fair at the craftmans “