In memory of Ian Dawson

In loving memory of Ian Dawson

Ian brought happiness, love and buckets of laughter to our lives here in Stratford upon Avon. It is easy to say that he will never be forgotten, thought of and remembered every day in our lives. Lots of unlimited happy memories.

To everyone out there that had the pleasure to know him before we met him, please post your messages and raise your glass to a genuine top bloke. RIP 1.2.68 ~ 16.9.14

Monies raised will repay some of Myton Hospices’ kindness and help them to support future patients.

Pennie and Max

Total amount raised £3,907.83

£330.00 – Offline Donation on 15 January 2016
” Matchfunding from Amey Group Services Ltd for the cake sale. Thank you, Pennie”

£335.00 – Offline Donation on 29 July 2015
” A fantastic donation from everyone at Amey and Severn Trent Water who held a Cake Stall in July to raise monies for Myton in memory of Ian. A huge thank you to everyone involved who baked, brought and ate cake and cookies. ”

£30.00 donated by Joanna Beesley on 24 December 2014
” In memory of a really nice guy! Your neighbours, Richard, Joanna,Alex and Ellie. ”

£20.00 donated by Paul Murrant on 16 December 2014
” Donation from Paul Murrant for the Santa Dashers last Sunday morning Dec 14 ”

£5.00 on 12 December 2014

£80.00 donated by Gareth Williams on 3 December 2014
” I have raised this money from growing a moustache in Movember, with great memories of working with Ian and the money was kindly donated by team members at Temple Utilities, who could not make it to the funeral, To a top man sadly missed ”

£25.00 donated by Bee Rose on 2 December 2014
” I was one of the fortunate people who got to know you a little while you were “Stratford side”, although I would have liked the opportunity to have known you a little longer. This year we have decided to donate the money we spend on Christmas cards to this amazing charity. Thank you for your amazing support to Pennie, Max and their families. Sleep tight Dawes, we all miss you warmth and huge spirit x ”

£10.00 donated by Stephanie Russell on 12 November 2014
” to a big brother, brother in law to be and uncle we all miss you and love you, thank you to myton hospice for everything you done for Ian, love you dog x ”

£30.00 donated by Rachel Newman on 6 November 2014
” Hey Ian – didn’t know you very well but you meant a lot to the lovely Pennie so you must have been a good sort!! ”

£641.71 donated by Ernest Heal & Sons on 3 November 2014
” Monies collected from donation box etc ”

£1,785.12 donated by Eileen Edwards on 28 October 2014
” On behalf of Severn Trent Water and the team who worked with you on your last job at Whitecroft. A top bloke who is sadly missed.Donated on behalf of Severn Trent Water. ”

£100.00 donated by Nicholas Howles on 19 October 2014
” True work colleague. True friend. Greatly missed. Nick Howles and Alan Nicholls. ”

£20.00 donated by Tony Frazer-Cann on 17 October 2014
” Ian, great to have known you. Taken from us far too soon. Thinking of your family at this time. ”

£10.00 on 14 October 2014

£25.00 donated by Tracey Harper-Holbrook on 6 October 2014
” Ian, what can I say. Miss you, good memories xxx ”

£20.00 donated by Ty Horton on 5 October 2014
” Although you have left Pennie and Max far too early, you have clearly left an indelible mark on their lives, bringing them happy memories to hold on to. Thank you for making such a difference. ”

£25.00 donated by Annette Barnes on 4 October 2014
” RIP Ian, a genuine, lovely man who was taken too soon and will be sorely missed. Your funeral reflected just that and I was honoured to be a part of it. Thank you to the hospice for supporting Ian, Pennie and the family through a terrible time. Annette xx ”

£30.00 donated by Nicola Wyatt on 3 October 2014
” Fantastic cause in the name of a lovely man. Rest in peace Ian xxx ”

£25.00 donated by Amanda Hales on 3 October 2014
” E you brought us lots of laughs and carrot cake. You’ll be missed going foward. Amanda x ”

£25.00 donated by Amanda Hales on 3 October 2014
” Ian goodnight and God bless. Simon Williams ”

£20.00 donated by Pauline Daniels on 2 October 2014
” ”

£10.00 donated by jo Walker on 30 September 2014
” from jo and zack x ”

£30.00 donated by Ruth Duffin on 30 September 2014
” Ian it was great to know you and you will be missed. RIP mate. Dave Green and Kevin Smith ”

£10.00 donated by Briony Fern on 29 September 2014
” Lovely Ian – so very sad to hear this news – always had a cheeky smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye – thinking of your family and friends – rest in peace xxx ”

£20.00 donated by Mike Morgan on 25 September 2014
” Keep watching over the light of life – God Bless You Ian. Love from Alane and Mikey xx ”

£120.00 donated by Ruth Duffin on 25 September 2014
” Donated on behalf of all your friends and colleagues in the portakabin at Severn Trent. You are missed and always will be, it’s been a pleasure to have known you and been your friend. RIP Ian. Xx ”

£20.00 donated by Natalie Tempest on 23 September 2014
” It is with great regret I never got to know you better during your relationship with Pennie but what I do know is that you made one of my best friends very happy. You were clearly so loved by so many. RIP Ian and your memory will forever live on. Xx ”

£25.00 donated by Natasha Juniper on 23 September 2014
” Chin Chin Mr Dawson, God Bless xxxx ”

£50.00 donated by POLLY PERKINS on 21 September 2014
” If Carlsberg did workmates -Dawse would have been the best Lager in the World and a proper mate Sadly missed already ”

£50.00 donated by Sian Cooper on 20 September 2014

£25.00 donated by Eddie Welch on 20 September 2014

£20.00 donated by Denise Matthews on 20 September 2014
” RIP lovely man x ”

£25.00 donated by Tina Mitchell on 20 September 2014
” In loving memory of Dawse, our Pauls best mate growing up, always laughing & smiling, a truly lovely guy. R.I.P. Ian, taken far too soon – with love from Tina (Bowley) Mitchell xoxox ”

£25.00 donated by Tina Young on 20 September 2014
” It was great to have known you and shared your happiness with Pennie. God Bless. xx ”

£50.00 donated by Julie Griffiths on 20 September 2014
” In memory of a great guy and in support of a marvellous hospice. ”

£10.00 donated by kEITH gROVE on 20 September 2014
” thinking OF YOU MATE ”

£20.00 donated by Simon James on 20 September 2014
” Wish us luck today olzun we will be thinking of you before, during and after the game. ”

£20.00 donated by Stella Cole on 19 September 2014
” Ian Dawson one gentleman that always lit up a room with his smile and a true friend to us all especially Polly. Still can’t belive he’s gone he will be missed so much xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Steven Francis on 19 September 2014
” R.I.P Ian another good one taken!! And I will raise a glass to you!! ”

£10.00 donated by Sophie Keevill on 19 September 2014

£10.00 donated by Johanna Gormley on 19 September 2014
” You will always be remembered xxxx ”

£10.00 donated by Mark Yates on 19 September 2014
” RIP Ian will say a prayer for you at old Trafford next week pal ”

£60.00 donated by Pennie Kendrick on 19 September 2014
” I hope heaven is a cool place. Love from Max x ”

£1.00 – Donation on 19 September 2014
” in reference to the below donation; “I raise my glass to you both. Love does live forever xxxx ”

£15.00 on 19 September 2014