In memory of Lauren Burgoine

Lauren was diagnosed with cancer when she was 27 years old. Her determined nature and will to beat the disease meant that she did not let it slow her down or stop her achieving her goals in life. In the time since her first diagnosis Lauren had a child (Findley) younger brother to Cormac who was 18 months old at the time. Lauren had gone self-employed after her maternity leave with Cormac so she could be at home more with the children and work her own hours around quality family time. Lauren grew her Accountancy Practice into a successful business and was still working late in to 2014 when we decided that her time would be better spent with the family.

On 17th December Lauren was admitted in to Warwick Myton Hospice. At this point, having recently being diagnosed with two brain tumours, Lauren was scared and anxious. The effect of going into Myton Hospice was immediate, the whole family was made to feel so welcome and at ease by the nursing staff. The skill and knowledge of the doctors was made clear by the instant improvement in Laurens health due to tweaks in her medication. The level of care throughout Laurens stay was first class, however, the difference at Myton is not just the proficiency of the staff it is all of the other small things that make the stay as pleasant as possible for the patient and their family. Lauren loved to have complementary therapies like Reiki or Reflexology, she had Mabel the dog visit and she used the hairdresser a number of times. When I bought the kids in they were not intimidated by the surroundings and there were dedicated areas where we could play or chill out. Due to the length of time that we had stayed at Myton the nursing staff became very close to Lauren, as with most people that knew her they were captured by her bubbly personality and spirit. Laurens last week was incredibly hard for all of her family; again, the nursing staff showed so much care and compassion it felt like they were losing a family member too.

On average it costs £535 to fund one patient for one night. Lauren spent 70 days in the care of Myton Hospice Warwick at a cost of nearly £37,500.

I’m not sure how it would have panned out if Lauren had not come to Myton but, what I can say is, that it is so important to be able to give others the opportunity of having the same care and treatment as Lauren had. The only way to do this is through donations. Please give as much as you can, this is a truly worthy cause that makes a real difference to people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable.

Please comment and tell us what Lauren meant to you or how you will remember her. I plan to save the comments for the boys in their memory box so they can see how special their mummy was to so many.

Total amount raised £8,347.80

£20.00 donated by Beryl Allso on 24 March 2015
” My sincerest condolences to you all at this very sad time. With love, Beryl ”

£10.00 donated by Arthur Thirsk on 23 March 2015
” Thinking of you all at this sad time. Jean & Freddie Thirsk ”

£20.00 donated by simon stacey on 23 March 2015
” heartbreaking story. R.I.P Lauren ”

£50.00 donated by Greg Simpson on 23 March 2015
” Loz you were freakin awesome, thank you for the countless happy school memories! Your passing reminds us all to make every second we have count, don’t waste time wasting time. ”

£10.00 donated by Deepa P on 21 March 2015
” Sorry to hear that Lauren is taken away from you and boys ”

£20.00 donated by Gill Holmes on 21 March 2015
” Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time With love, Ian, Gill and Alex Holmes (Tamworth Sailing Club) ”

£15.00 donated by Cathy Welch on 20 March 2015
” I only knew Lauren for a year, meeting her through business networking. She was instantly likeable; a kind hearted, lovely lady, with that memorable smile that lit a room. Taken far too soon, but boys your mum achieved so much more in her lifetime than many people do. Enjoy all the photos, stories and happy memories your dad and wider family will continue to share with you as you get older xx ”

£20.00 donated by Patrick Dunham on 20 March 2015
” Although I did not know Lauren, I remember Paul well from my time at Tamworth Sailing Club, and was sad to hear the news. ”

£50.00 donated by Lynda Atkins on 20 March 2015
” We are so sorry for your loss, our thoughts are with all of your family. Love from Lynda, Rob, Ellie, Brian and Marc xx ”

£20.00 donated by Janet Keenan on 20 March 2015
” So very sorry to hear of your loss, it is desperately heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with you all, love Scott and Janet Keenan (TSC) ”

£20.00 donated by Martin Gallagher on 20 March 2015

£50.00 donated by Miesha Heyworth on 20 March 2015
” I met Lauren at business networking meetings and I changed my Accountant to give her my business instead. She was a beautiful, kind person that lit up the room. She had built a fantastic business and was certainly an inspiration to me. She was so personable and nothing was too much trouble. I will really miss our emails and meetings and I feel very fortunate to have met you. My thoughts are with Paul and the boys x ”

£25.00 donated by Patricia Stuthridge on 19 March 2015
” God bless ”

£100.00 donated by Ann Burgoine on 19 March 2015
” Remembering our lovely ‘tidy up fairy’. Lauren could be guaranteed to make order out of chaos. When Paul first brought her home she and I understood each other so well – we both liked a plan, to be organised, a place for everything and to have a list. She was a gem. Her honesty, smile and good humour were always evident. Lauren loved the garden and we worked hard together on the garden at the flat and at Handcross Grove. Cormac and Findley your mum loved you so much and did everything she could to give you a safe, loving, happy home. You’ve a wonderful Daddy who loves you and be assured, Lauren, that both families will be there for them all the way, to love and cherish as you would have wished. Loving you always, Ann and John xx ”

£25.00 donated by Scott Neely on 18 March 2015
” Paul, Cormac and Finn Although we never met Lauren, in getting to know some of your family and friends I’ve heard so many beautiful things about her that I truly wished we’d have known her. I even heard what a caring brave lady she was when we happened to visit Woodside Playgroup this week. She will have a legacy of people who have been inspired and loved by her. Her story has deeply affected us and is a reminder to be more patient, more loving, and to make the most of our time with our children and each other. We hope that Tuesday was a beautiful memorable time of sharing how precious she was to you. With love, Rebecca and Scott Neely ”

£25.00 donated by Anne haigh on 18 March 2015
” thinking of you all, sending our love. Anne and John. Xx ”

£25.00 on 18 March 2015

£100.00 donated by Jayne doughty on 18 March 2015
” Lauren was a very special, kind and beautiful lady who was so brave. Thinking of you all. Lots of love Paul, Jayne, Nick and Claire xxxx ”

£50.00 on 18 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Ian Manns on 18 March 2015

£25.00 donated by Emma Casey on 18 March 2015
” I’ve been trying to think of the words to write here that do you justice… I don’t think there are any. As Jack played in the garden this morning, of the whole garden he was only interested in picking the flowers and this made me think of you. A lady whom i hold so much admiration for, beautiful, strong, kind, generous, thoughtful, smart, witty, the list is endless. I will always remember you. Until we meet again, rest in peace sweetheart xx Love always Dan and Emma Casey xx ”

£50.00 donated by Tom Lennon on 18 March 2015

£10.00 donated by Kelly Marsh on 18 March 2015

£100.00 donated by Stephanie Garratt on 17 March 2015
” Today we said goodbye to our beautiful niece Lauren. Words cannot express the sorrow in our hearts. God bless sweetheart, Steph and Dave. XX ”

£50.00 donated by Joanne Hall on 17 March 2015
” Lauren was such a kind and lovely person and I have many happy memories of working with her she will be sadly missed. Thinking of you all xx ”

£25.00 donated by Matthew Whitfield on 17 March 2015
” Rest in Piece Lauren. ”

£25.00 donated by pauline beverley on 17 March 2015
” Paul, Cormac and Findley, We are very sorry for the loss of Lauren and thinking of you all at this sad time, we had the pleasure of living opposite you in Handcross Grove and have fond memories from your mum and dads wedding day, parties in the grove and the all the decorations you mum put up for different occasions. She will be fondly missed by all in the grove we will all miss her constant smile and bright flowery dresses. love from Pauline, Paul, Steven and Laura Beverley (number 13) xxxx ”

£15.00 donated by Andy Garratt on 17 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Neelesh makwana on 17 March 2015
” Sorry I could Not be there today. Thoughts are with Paul and the boys You are a true hero of this life and your kindness generosity and love will always be remembered ”

£20.00 donated by Sally Rankine on 17 March 2015
” I only met Lauren once but I knew all about her illness through Carolyn. The determination and positive attitude she had was something to be proud of. She was so lucky to have such a strong, close, loving family and friends around her. My sincere condolences. X ”

£75.00 donated by Craig Hartwell on 17 March 2015
” This page is a lovely idea and I really hope that Cormac and Finn may find some comfort one day in reading all of these beautiful words, describing how much of an amazing Mum, wife, daughter, sister, cousin and friend that Lauren was to so many people. Your Mummy was the most positive, inspirational, honest, beautiful and incredible woman I have ever had the privilege to get to know: a true loss to the world. Although taken far too early, I am sure she left this world knowing she had chosen the most special man to take care of you precious boys. Rest in peace Lauren and enjoy watching over those boys as they continue to make you proud. Love always, Jo and Craig xxx ”

£30.00 donated by Steph Stradling on 17 March 2015
” Cormac and Findley, I first met your mum at a toddler group when you were just a baby Cormac. But when she became my accountant our friendship really began. Lauren was always kind, supportive and just great fun to be around. We spent far more time chatting and laughing than talking about tax and VAT. Since finding out 2 years ago that Lauren was fighting cancer, I have been completely humbled by her bravery, humour and sheer determination to not let her illness get in the way of doing exactly what she wanted to do. The most important of which was being your mum, which was by far her favourite job. Paul, Carolyn, Andre & Liam, My thoughts are with you. Lauren was a truly beautiful person. I will always remember her with a smile on her face. I feel privileged to have known her. Love Steph xxxxx ”

£40.00 donated by Laura Kelly on 17 March 2015
” I’m so grateful to have had Lauren in my life, albeit for such a short time. She was always a joy to be with and so kindhearted. I’ll truly miss her. Cormac & Findley – always remember you can do anything, you’re made of strong stuff! Lots of love from Laura, Paul, Jack & Emma xxx ”

£20.00 – donated by Lara Semple on 17 March 2015

£30.00 donated by Geraldine O’Driscoll on 16 March 2015
” As a friend of Lauren’s mum I am thinking of you all at this very sad time. ”

£50.00 donated by lynda siddall on 16 March 2015
” Paul,Cormac,Findley, Carolyn,Andre &Liam- our hearts go out to you at this difficult time. Please accept our deepest sympathies. Lauren was an amazing young woman, may memories of her and the love of family and friends surround you and give you strength in the days ahead. with love from Lynda, Pete, Dan & Mitch (Eleanor & Charlotte’s Aunt,uncle and cousins) xx ”

£40.00 donated by Charlotte Fitzgerald on 16 March 2015
” To Cormac and Findley, I met your mummy when Cormac was a bump in Mummy’s tummy and Eva was a bump in my tummy. Your Mummy was so kind, caring, fun, loving and had the most amazing smile that could light up the room. I have her to thank for introducing me to the “forever mummies” and I will be eternally grateful. We have had so much great fun all together us Mummies and all the children and it was all down to Mummy’s fun loving spirit and superb organisational skills. Your Mummy always went that extra mile and put everyone before herself and she loved you boys so much. To Paul, Carolyn, Andre and Liam I send you my love and hope that you can find some comfort from the love expressed for Lauren, she truly was amazing and you must be so proud. Rest in peace now beautiful girl, love you and miss you. Love Charlotte, Simon, Eva and Felan xxxx ”

£50.00 donated by Allison Fenerty on 16 March 2015
” So sorry for your loss, I hope you feel that you can find strength and support from all of the loving family and friends around you. My love also to Carolyn, Andre and Liam. Allison Fenerty (Ellie and Charlotte’s aunt) ”

£50.00 donated by Martyn Hollingsworth on 16 March 2015
” Love and best wishes to you and the family. Our thoughts are with you at this sad and difficult time. We would also like to extend our condolences to Andre, Caroline (Lauren’s Mum and Dad) and brother Liam. ….. Martyn & Anne XX ”

£10.00 donated by Emma Taylor on 16 March 2015
” I only knew Lauren very slightly from Cormac’s time at Woodside. I find it incredible the amount she packed into her life – even after becoming a mum and facing what she did. What a mum to be proud of for Cormac and Findley! What a fantastic job your are doing here too Paul in raising money for the mighty Myton. With love to Paul, Cormac and Findley from Emma and Will. ”

£30.00 donated by Andy Ditchfield on 16 March 2015
” A wonderful person, I’m so sorry for your loss. ”

£30.00 donated by Andrew Fodor on 16 March 2015
” I’m so sorry to hear of the sad loss of your wife Lauren. Your tribute to her was so touching and makes you realise that life is so fragile. My thoughts are with you all. Andy ”

£50.00 donated by Michele Moreby on 16 March 2015
” Lauren was a beautiful, brave, kind and very special lady who will be greatly missed by all those whose lives she touched. For Cormac and Findley, your mummy loved you all so so much and was so proud of you. She was a very brave lady who tried so hard to stay with you. Whilst she is no longer here I’m sure that she will be watching over you and that day by day you will make her even more proud than she was already. Lots of love to you all xxx ”

£100.00 donated by Peter Brown on 16 March 2015
” Paul and the boys, Andre, Carolyn and Liam, such a sad time where words seem to be so insufficient but we can only echo all the tributes already made by Laurens friends and family in this list. Lauren was and always will be a beautiful person to have known and such a fantastic role model and guiding hand to Eleanor and Charlotte. Whilst she will always be missed she will never be forgotten by any of us. Myton were brilliant when looking after Lorraine’s Dad and i know from Ellie what a comfort they were to all of you. Love Peter and Lorraine xxx ”

£50.00 donated by Val Semple on 16 March 2015
” Lauren, a truly beautiful lady, your body may not be with us but your soul we will keep close. ”

£50.00 donated by Janet Howes on 16 March 2015
” I don’t think I have ever seen Lauren without a beautiful smile on her face. I will always remember her as a shiny, smiley, lovely friendly person. I am so sad for you all. Sending love. Janet x ”

£50.00 donated by Annelise Burgoine on 15 March 2015
” Lauren was so special, an incredible person who was so fun to be around. She was kind, thoughtful, funny and super intelligent. The children all adored their cool Auntie Loz, she had such an amazing way of captivating them and as a mother she was inspiring, she taught, she listened, she was patient and was so caring. Lauren and Paul made an awesome team. We have so many amazing memories of Lauren, she’ll forever be missed, Steve, Anna, Theo, Coen & Austin xxx ”

£100.00 donated by Bernard Rogers on 15 March 2015
” I knew Lauren from when she was only 18 years old. She was always a delight to work with – so cheerful and positive. It breaks my heart that she has gone so soon. I am proud to have called her a colleague and friend. ”

£100.00 donated by Garry Weaver on 15 March 2015
” Paul, Cormack, Fin and Laurens Mum and Dad, we are truly sorry for your loss of a wonderful person, wife, Mummy and daughter. Lauren was an inspiration to us all with her determination and support Lauren has given you Paul. ”

£50.00 donated by Louise Hull on 15 March 2015
” Remembering a vivacious, fun loving, thoughtful and caring young lady who has been a joyful addition to our family and will be sorely missed. Sending love to my nephew Paul and great-nephews Cormac & Findley, from Auntie Louise xxx ”

£25.00 donated by Anthony Knight on 15 March 2015
” I will remember Lauren as very kind, lovely, funny, beautiful, super organised, courageous and a wonderful wife and soul mate to my cousin Paul and a fantastic loving Mummy to Cormac & Findley. Lots of love to you all, Laura, Tony, Abigail & Jack xxxxxx ”

£25.00 donated by Adrie and Elisse Breugelmans on 15 March 2015
” Cormac and Findley, though we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, we will always remember with great fondness your mum and dad’s wedding day, their cool camper van and the effort they put in to making Halloween such fun in Handcross Grove. The epitome of happiness, your beautiful mum was an utter delight to know, she brought a light so bright to the world, even though she has gone the light will remain. Your mum will continue to live on in you both. Sending much love xx ”

£30.00 donated by Nina Barran on 15 March 2015
” I sat next to Lauren in maths for almost three years at school. For a few years we became quite close. Like everyone else I remember how intelligent and determined she was. However, I think my favourite memories are of how fun and silly she was! I had some of the best giggles at school with her and will treasure them forever. Unfortunately we grew apart as you sometimes do when you leave school. Some years later, through the wonderful world of Facebook, I was delighted to see the beautiful family her and Paul had made together. I am heartbroken for your loss. I know her love will keep you strong and her smile will always be remembered xxx ”

£10.00 on 15 March 2015

£25.00 donated by Keith Watts on 15 March 2015
” Such a brave girl, we are so sorry for your loss. Keith & Cindy. ”

£40.00 donated by Sharon Hayes on 14 March 2015
” Cormac and Findley, I knew your mummy for 13 years when we met waitressing. Your mummy was amazing!! She was the most genuine person I have ever had the pleasure to be friends with. She was so kind, caring and fun to be around. She always asked how everyone else was before talking about herself. She would go out of her way to help people and she always had the best advice to give. Your mummy was the best mummy that anyone could ever have, she was so loving and fun, joining in with your games, singing, dancing and being an entertainer. She adored you and you adored her. Paul you did such an amazing job being Lauren’s husband and caring for her while she was ill – you were so supportive and strong, you were her rock right up until the end. Rest in peace beautiful Lauren, I’m going to miss you so much. All our love Sharon, Dan and Evie xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Sarah Finnegan on 14 March 2015
” I didn’t know Lauren personally but heard about what a lovely and brave young lady she was from my work colleague, Karen. My thoughts are with Lauren’s family at this very sad time. God bless xxx ”

£15.00 donated by Jennifer Page on 14 March 2015
” Lauren and I only really began our friendship just before she became very poorly. Although I only knew her for a short time she touched me with her warmth and kindness. Her positive outlook on life has inspired me on how to live my life. I am currently fund raising amongst my friends for the Myton Hospice in honour of Lauren and hoping to raise more funds for this amazing charity. I am sure Lauren is always with you – thinking of you all. Lots of Love Jen and Austin xxx ”

£50.00 donated by Clive James on 14 March 2015
” I never met Lauren, her Dad is a good friend of mine and from him I knew of her fight. What a brave girl. My thoughts are constantly with all of her family Clive ”

£20.00 donated by Sue Hicks on 14 March 2015
” We lived opposite Lauren and Paul and to see the things Lauren did with the boys was lovely, she loved to include you boys in everything. When I started to look after you both (Cormac and Findley) it was obvious to me how much your mum loved you and you loved your mum. We will remember you all fondly and miss not seeing you every day. Xxxx ”

£100.00 donated by Jayne laurie on 14 March 2015
” in loving memory of Lauren, a lovely fun wife to Paul and mother of Cormac and Findley. With much love from Johnnie and Jayne, Emily and Stuart and Henriette xxxxx ”

£25.00 donated by Jackie George on 13 March 2015
” Paul thinking of you and your boys at this sad time. Very sad when a young beautiful wife and Mummy is taken so soon from her loving family. I am sure Lauren will be watching over you all every day lots of love and hugs to you all xxx Jackie George ”

£25.00 donated by Lisa Clark on 13 March 2015
” Paul, I only really met Lauren a couple of times but feel we all knew her much better by the way you talked about her. You have built a beautiful family and she will live on through you all. As a regular contributor to Myton Hospice, hearing that they have you all such great support is a great comfort. So sorry that you’ve lost such a brave woman. Thinking of you all xx ”

£20.00 donated by Alan Sears on 13 March 2015
” I only met Lauren twice as she was doing some work for me. She was very helpful and a real pleasure to meet. She had a lovely happy smile, was beautiful and very clever too. ”

£15.00 donated by Zoe Bullen on 13 March 2015
” Remembering Lauren fondly as a beautiful bridesmaid at Mo and Brett’s wedding x Sending much love from Zoe, Andrew, Alex and Cian Bullen ”

£10.00 donated by Philip Baker-Heyes on 13 March 2015
” This must be truly horrible for Paul and the kids. It is a terribly indiscriminate disease that takes even the nicest people. My thoughts are with the whole family at this very difficult time ”

£20.00 donated by Laura Richmond on 13 March 2015
” I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Lauren. I remember we worked together quite a bit in GCSE drama. At some point we had to sit a mock written drama paper of which we had no clue what we were supposed to be doing! Somehow in the mock I did quite well and so Lauren invited me round to her house and went through the entire mock paper with me for about two hours looking for how to get more marks! I’m pretty sure she got an A* in the real thing… She seemed to me to be a person who wanted to always be the best that she could be. I hadn’t seen her since school but seeing her memory page it looked like she achieved so much in her life. A smart, determined and memorable lady. Thinking of her family at this time x ”

£20.00 donated by dave humphreys on 13 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Tony McGrane on 13 March 2015
” So sorry to hear of your loss Paul. ”

£50.00 on 13 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Elizabeth knowles on 13 March 2015
” Although I have only met Lauren a few times she was such a bubbly, friendly and smiley girl. Her smile lit up the whole room. Thinking of you a lot, Paul, Cormac and Findley, at this time. Love Liz Knowles (Claire (Burgoine)’s mother-in-law) ”

£10.00 on 13 March 2015

£50.00 donated by Janine Lucking on 13 March 2015
” I have such lovely memories of Lauren as a young child growing up with my children in Burton Green. From starting at play group through infant and junior school and through Heart of England school. Anyone can clearly see in all the wonderful photos that Lauren was so happy in her life with Paul , her boys and her family. We all can draw comfort from that fact that her short life was full of love and happiness. Rest in peace Lauren and we send all our love to the family Janine, Chris, Hannah, Harriet & George xx ”

£20.00 donated by Kirt Carolan on 13 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Paul Butlin on 13 March 2015
” Thoughts are with you and your boys. ”

£50.00 donated by James Broomer on 13 March 2015
” Lauren was a lifelong friend of my brother Jon, who was also best man at their wedding. Through Jon, I watched her grow up to become an amazing woman and with Paul, start a family who were so close and in love. She was such a smart and lovely person and she will be missed greatly by all that knew her xx ”

£50.00 donated by Karen Goode on 12 March 2015
” Paul, the boys , Carolyn, Andre & Liam we were so sorry to hear the sad news of the loss of beautiful Lauren. She was such a wonderful person and we have so many happy memories of the times we had when we knew Lauren and the family right from Toddler Group at Burton Green to when we moved away from Cromwell Lane. she was so very special and caring, and helped Sophie out at Junior school when a nasty bully made Sophie life very difficult, she was hilarious playing Buttons in the school panto and we have very special memories of a day Boating & Biking at Kingsbury. Lauren was an angel and here for such a short time but touched so many peoples lives you should all be so very proud of her and everything she achieved. Her memory lives on in those two beautiful boys. Sleep well Lauren a new bright star in the sky now. Love to you all from Karen, Pete & Sophie xxx ”

£10.00 donated by martin stubbs on 12 March 2015
” Rest in peace Lauren x ”

£25.00 donated by Anna Garratt on 12 March 2015
” We got to know Lauren back in 2010 when we were pregnant together and have enjoyed so many fun sunday get togethers with the kids over the years. Lauren was always a complete joy to be around and was such a fun and hands on mummmy, she was always the one running around with the kids, singing songs and keeping them entertained. Lauren has been in our thoughts so much over the last year or so and we have talked a lot about her and been completely blown away by how she dealt with things and remained so determined to enjoy her life, she makes you want to be a better person. It has been a privilege to know her. Rest in peace hunny xxxxx ”

£25.00 donated by jan malatesta on 12 March 2015
” Paul, Cormac and Findley… So sad to hear of Lauren’s passing. We loved having you as neighbours and will remember Lauren and the boys last visit to our house, when she told us of her illness and the strength she had in her to fight it. She was such a determined, generous, strong young lady, always with a smile on her face, and always one to join in. She will always be part of you all and you must be so proud and privileged to have had what little time you had together. Thank goodness for Myton, who could offer the very special support needed, making hard times special. Love Jan, Dimitri & family xxxxx ”

£100.00 donated by Dave Cockerill on 12 March 2015
” Lauren has been in our thoughts for many months, life can be so cruel. She had a way of lighting up a room with her bubbly nature. Such a vibrant personality will live in our collective memories for as long as we are around. No more pain. ”

£50.00 donated by Sam Browne on 12 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Rachel hart on 12 March 2015
” Your boys will be your medicine to get through this. Sending much love xx ”

£20.00 donated by Paula Southwell on 12 March 2015
” We are so vary sorry for the sad loss of Lauren. Our thoughts are with you all. Paul & Paula xx ”

£50.00 donated by Jen Connoll on 12 March 2015
” In memory of a beautiful person I knew at school, and for a wonderful charity close to my heart xxx ”

£20.00 donated by Julie Harris-Grant on 12 March 2015
” Lauren, although we lost touch after school, my memories of you are so vivid it seems like I saw you yesterday. What a beautiful family you have. You’re boys are so gorgeous and will always know you loved them. I was so jealous of you in Fentham. How can someone be so beautiful, funny, intelligent AND incredibly warm and friendly?! I can see why God wants that Angel with him now. Sleep well xxx ”

£20.00 donated by Tom Veasey on 12 March 2015
” Paul, sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your sons x ”

£10.00 donated by Sophie Betts AND ALL NAMES LISTED ABOVE on 12 March 2015
” A late donation to add to the £630 that we have clubbed together to raise. Beautiful, kind, caring, brave, inspirational and determined and all words we would use to describe Lauren Burgoine. Cormac and Findley, your Mummy was simply the best! Lauren will always have a special place in all of our hearts… Love From Sophie Betts, Katherine Cross, Toni-Rogers, Laura Garvey, Lucy White, Polly Burgess, Alyssa Mzihi, Danielle Bird, Caroline Birse, Danielle Farrugia, Rebecca Stewart, Karen Desmond-Hampson, Beki Cheshire-Ramon, Sarah Mascia, Nicola Veater, Sarah Prince, Emma Hendrie, Samantha Critchley, Jen Richmond, Melissa Gaynor, Natalie Toolan, Tom Atkins, Lyndsey Whitehead, Helen Townson, Athena Ebrey, Carrie Smith, Laura Shack, Jen Robinson, Mel Tubbs, Tori Pearson, Martine Thomas, Sara Farmanfarmai and Catherine Strong xxxxxx ”

£10.00 donated by Tom Cahill on 12 March 2015

£630.00 on 12 March 2015

£50.00 donated by Mark Richardson on 12 March 2015
” Cormac and Findley, make sure, when you grow up you make your parents proud. Mum Lauren will be watching from up high, but trust me she will be watching you. RIP Lauren ”

£10.00 donated by Chris Butler on 12 March 2015

£10.00 on 12 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Elizabeth Weil on 12 March 2015
” Am so saddened by your news. She was a beautiful lady. Libby (Jon’s mum) ”

£20.00 donated by Matt Bedford on 12 March 2015
” I only met Lauren once but I could tell what a lovely lady she was instantly. Paul I echo your thoughts on Myton Hospice, what an amazing place ”

£20.00 donated by Jessica miles on 12 March 2015
” Lauren was beautiful inside and out. She will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with you all. I had the great pleasure of being a bridesmaid and shared godparently duties with Loz & Paul to our beautiful neice Amelie . RIP Lauren xxxxxx ”

£20.00 donated by Colin Bentick on 12 March 2015
” Paul, so sorry to hear of your loss mate. Thinking of you all ”

£20.00 donated by Richard Potts on 12 March 2015

£10.00 on 12 March 2015

£10.00 donated by Ila Mistry on 12 March 2015
” Our thoughts are with you all. Ila & Paul x ”

£20.00 on 12 March 2015

£20.00 donated by CARL GREEN on 12 March 2015
” Thinking of you at this time Paul – God bless ”

£20.00 donated by Rachel McMaster on 12 March 2015
” Paul, so sorry to hear this sad news, love to you and your family. Rachel & Mike x ”

£10.00 on 12 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Manjit Singh on 12 March 2015
” Paul, sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. ”

£10.00 donated by Robert Wheeler on 12 March 2015
” Sorry for your loss. Rob ”

£20.00 donated by Kashif Moughal on 12 March 2015
” Paul, Sorry for your loss. May prayer are with you. ”

£50.00 donated by Paul Slater on 12 March 2015
” Sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you all ”

£20.00 donated by Amanda evans on 12 March 2015
” Lauren, it was a pleasure growing up with you…. I have some great and fun memories of all of us together. Rest in peace darling xxxxxxxx ”

£20.00 donated by Francesca Timms on 11 March 2015
” So so sad. One of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. ”

£10.00 donated by Katrina Timms on 11 March 2015
” Such sad news, was lovely to have met you Lauren. Xx ”

£10.00 on 11 March 2015

£30.00 donated by Daniel Timms on 11 March 2015
” such tragic news. My thoughts are with you guys x ”

£10.00 donated by Laura Hyatt on 11 March 2015
” I never met Lauren, but heard all about her bravery from the Bryer family, who are neighbours of her parents in law. My love to her family x ”

£5.00 donated by Karen callaghan on 11 March 2015

£20.00 on 11 March 2015

£25.00 donated by Matt Talbot on 11 March 2015

£100.00 donated by Rachel Prosser on 11 March 2015
” Lauren was a beauty, beautiful inside and out. She will be missed by everyone and anyone who knew her! She had the ability to light up a room with her smile, that is something I will never forget about her! To Paul and family, wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts xxxx ”

£50.00 donated by Stuart Burgoine on 11 March 2015
” Myton and staff you obviously do invaluable work, thank you for making lauren’s journey a fraction more bearable for my cousin and his family x ”

£10.00 donated by Marion Bowron on 11 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Avril Dodds on 11 March 2015
” I am a friend of Lauren’s mum and thinking about you all at this heartbreaking time! Avril xxx ”

£15.00 donated by gary bratt on 11 March 2015
” Paul, sorry for your loss, our thoughts are with you and your children ”

£50.00 donated by Lisa Tiplady on 11 March 2015
” Paul and your boys, I’ve been truly blessed to have met Lauren, who can only be described as the most instantly likeable person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Lauren made me feel welcome and involved on every occasion I met her, she seemed to take it upon herself to make sure everyone was ok and happy, such a beautiful virtue and she did it effortlessly! When I think of Lauren I see big smiles and a true lady. Love Tippers xxx Also, a huge thank you to Myton Hospice for all you do. ”

£10.00 donated by Rachel Rind on 11 March 2015

£50.00 donated by Saud Khan on 11 March 2015
” Paul, my thoughts are with you all. Lauren will be missed a lot! God bless you all xxx ”

£100.00 donated by jenny Campbell-James on 11 March 2015
” A wonderful wife and mother who was taken far too early. So so sad are thoughts are with you all Love the Campbell-James family ”

£50.00 donated by Warrick Howard on 11 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Frederick Evans on 11 March 2015

£20.00 donated by David woodhead on 11 March 2015
” We never met but Lauren, but the Burgoine family have been friends for the last half century. Our thoughts are with the whole family.. Dave and Anne Woodhead and family ”

£20.00 donated by Pamela Tibbs on 11 March 2015
” I only knew of Lauren through her mother but reading her story realise how important her care was to not only her but to all her family. Hope this small donation helps others x ”

£25.00 donated by Katie Lynch on 11 March 2015
” I wasn’t lucky enough to have met you Lauren but I know your parents who are lovely people and I’m sure you were too. God bless you xx ”

£25.00 donated by Nigel Burgoine on 11 March 2015
” Paul Cormac and Findley, your mummy was a beautiful, caring and talented lady, someone were privileged to know. God bless you both and daddy Paul. Lots of love Jane Nigel and Stuart xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Steven Turner on 11 March 2015
” Cormac and Findley…I was a friend of your mums at school, she was without doubt one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she was so kind and thoughtful, she was incredibly intelligent and her bubbly personality was so infectious, she literally lit up the rooms she walked in. Everyone who has ever met her had no choice but be touched by her, I don’t know of anyone who didn’t like her. It’s taken me ages to write this as I just can’t find the words to do your mum justice, my life has been a better one and I am a much better person for knowing your mum, she will always be loved and will be forever missed, steven ”

£30.00 donated by Balbir Sokhi on 11 March 2015
” May almighty God rest Laurens’ soul in peace!!!!!!!! ”

£20.00 donated by Oliver Hawthorne on 11 March 2015

£20.00 donated by Abu Mansoor on 11 March 2015
” Sorry to hear about your loss Paul. ”

£20.00 donated by Sarah McCosker on 11 March 2015
” Sending you and those gorgeous boys all our love… Wonderful page, great cause for an amazingly brave woman. Forever in my thoughts xx ”

£40.00 donated by Samantha zajac on 11 March 2015
” To Paul, Cormac and Findley, Paul, you did such an amazing job of being there for Lauren. You were strong, reassuring and loving throughout…. Lauren new shed picked a guddun in you from the very start. You made her so happy right to the very end, you and your boys were her world and everything she worked hard to achieve was for you all. Cormac and Finn, your mummy was amazing. She had the prettiest smile and the kindest eyes… She was my best friend as soon as we met. I will ensure, along with loads of others, that you both grow up knowing what sort of woman your mummy was. She was brave and strong but beautiful and gentle… She was organised and efficient but patient and calm… She was all about the “rules” but was always the most fun person to be around…She was everything…. And she touched so many people lives… I am so honoured that she chose me to be her best friend and I loved her so very much. All our love Sam, mark, phoebe and Harriet xxxx ”

£10.00 donated by Dharm Ghatora on 11 March 2015

£50.00 donated by Kate Mutton on 11 March 2015
” Paul, my thoughts are with you & your children x ”

£25.00 donated by Jonathan Ratcliff on 11 March 2015
” A very special Lady. Thank you for your help with my Accounting. My thoughts are with your family. ”

£5.00 donated by faye davis on 11 March 2015
” I knew Lauren and the boys from local toddler groups. I used to chat to her about work as I am also an accountant. I was deverstated to hear about her cancer and im so sad that she has passed too soon. I will never forget her. ”

£10.00 donated by Catherine connell on 11 March 2015
” A beautiful lady thinking of u all xx ”

£20.00 donated by Arun Vidyasagar on 11 March 2015
” “Heartbreaking all thoughts are with you all, Arun & Kirthika” ”

£50.00 donated by Sheraz Ahmed on 11 March 2015
” So Sorry to hear about your loss mate. RIP Lauren ”

£25.00 donated by Sean Canty on 11 March 2015
” Sad story; may she rest in peace. ”

£10.00 donated by Srijith Devadas on 11 March 2015
” Sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you, Paul ”

£20.00 donated by Andrew McAuliffe on 11 March 2015
” Paul, I was so shocked to hear this terrible news. My thoughts are with you and the boys ”

£20.00 donated by Karl Whopples on 11 March 2015
” In support of the fight against this terrible disease ”

£10.00 donated by Shaun Butler on 11 March 2015
” Sorry for your loss. ”

£10.00 donated by Jose Lopez on 11 March 2015
” So sorry for your loss Paul. I have forwarded your request to the Powertrain community wishing you get more donations. ”

£25.00 donated by Alan Setchell on 11 March 2015
” It was heartbreaking to hear this news. My deepest sympathy goes out to all those who were close to Lauren and have been affected by this tragic loss. ”

£150.00 donated by Jonathan Broomer on 11 March 2015
” Paul & family, Lauren was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, so kind, caring and the best mummy and wife anyone could hope for. Having been Lauren’s friend for nearly 20 years since school, I don’t remember a single time when she wasn’t smiling, laughing or just being happy, except for when she was telling me to stop interrupting the class in Science :p Paul, I’m so honoured to have been your best man and share such a wonderful day with you both, you really were made for each other. The memories she’s given her family and many friends will live on and Findley and Cormac will, in time, learn, not only how much she loved them both, but also how loved she was by all that knew her. The fact that you will continue to be a truly amazing Daddy will only bring the family closer together. Love you all xxx ”

£25.00 donated by Chetan Patel on 11 March 2015
” Our thoughts are with you all. Chet & Becky x ”

£20.00 donated by Bal Singh on 11 March 2015
” Its really heartbreaking hearing off this tragedy and I hope you can come to peace and I know your lovely Children will help overcome some of your pain. So sorry to have to write such a note to someone so young. ”

£10.00 donated by Dan Thomas on 11 March 2015
” Thoughts are with the family, Paul and the boys. ”

£100.00 donated by Sean Ditchfield on 11 March 2015
” Thank you Lauren. When my Dad became one of your clients you took a huge amount of pressure off him at a really difficult time. My whole family are really grateful for all of your hard work. Love, Sean x ”

£5.00 donated by Jessica Tuffin on 11 March 2015
” Thank you Lauren for always taking the time to talk to me whenever I saw you. You are an inspiration <3 ”

£5.00 donated by Nicola Ross on 11 March 2015

£10.00 donated by james prescott on 11 March 2015
” My thoughts are with you ”

£10.00 donated by Syed Imam on 11 March 2015
” RIP Lauren, ”

£10.00 donated by Jean Pulford on 11 March 2015
” so sorry for your loss all my thoughts are with you all x ”

£10.00 donated by Chris Simpson on 11 March 2015

£100.00 donated by Lloyd Richards on 11 March 2015
” This message is for Cormac and Findley. “Boys, your mum was one of the good guys! I instantly liked her the very first time we met.I called her ” the flower girl” as she always wore something with flowers on. She talked of you both with love and laughter and I know she was extremely proud of you both. Although she was an Accountant ( yawn! )I think her favourite job was being your mum. Look after each other and your dad and please know that there are hundreds of us out there who thought your mum was awesome. Love Lloyd x ”

£10.00 donated by Kate Ockenden on 11 March 2015
” Heartbreaking to read. All thoughts are with you x “