In memory of Margaret Fairbairn

Beautiful poem of Mum written by Derek Learmond and family…

We think of Margaret always, around us many a sign

It’s really quite easy to visualise her holding a glass of wine

Organising and fussing, her skills these were just a few

Enjoying her favourite pastime of telling Andrew what to do

Her pride and joy is the garden, and was always looking for something new

As most of us know, it’s the perfect place for a Fairbairn BBQ

The perfect host, her aim was always to please

I blame Margaret personally for hooking my daughters on G&T’s

As we know Margaret thought grandkids would never come along

Frequently reminding Neill & Brett they’d better get a move on

At her own persistence it finally did the trick

Production line well started, at the last count there was six

Margaret, it’s true to say we’ll miss you but we know you are all around

A passing comment or opinion, always there to be found

Always in our memories and always with style

I know when we think of Margaret we will always have a smile

In memory of Margaret Fairbairn, our Mum. Mum was an amazing, strong woman and, for us at least, an inspiration for how to lead our lives.Please give generously to Myton, they do a genuinely fantastic job. Mum had several trips to Myton and sadly passed away there. Whilst she was there she was treated with dignity, respect and humour. It made an incredibly painful process far more bearable for all concerned.

Without fail, the doctors, nurses and volunteers were sympathetic and helpful. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this in such trying circumstances but the staff at Myton were exceptional.

Hospices are one of those areas in life that most people know nothing about until they need them. Suddenly they become the best, and sometimes only, option for your loved ones. Then you realise the true difference between comfortable and painful, warm and clinical, caring and efficient.

We are truly grateful to Myton Hospice and Mum would not have wanted to be anywhere else at the end.

Love you Mum!

Total amount raised £270.00

£15.00 donated by Simon Roberts on 6 October 2015
” To all the fond memories I have of working with you. Simon xx ”

£100.00 donated by Andrew Fairbairn on 6 October 2015
” Donated on behalf of Erica Chapman, good friend to Margaret. Thanks for the flowers and all the help and support. ”

£15.00 donated by Martin Frost on 2 October 2015
” Many happy memories of our time working together. Martin & Claire xx ”

£25.00 donated by Jesnette Davis on 1 October 2015
” Farewell Marg it was a privilege to be your friend. I’m going to really miss you. I have great memories which will make me smile When my day comes put the kettle on….We will have plenty to catch up on x x x ”

£15.00 donated by Tony & Edna Ankers on 1 October 2015

£100.00 donated by Brett Fairbairn on 1 October 2015
” Love you Mum x Cheers! “