In memory of Sharron Ione Warner

Fundraising for Myton in memory of Sharron Ione Warner

Sharron died on 18th August 2012 from a particularly aggressive form of lung cancer. The onset of her illness was sudden and short-lived, leaving all who knew her bewildered as she was an exponent more of healthy living than of smoking. Indeed she was a keen runner, taking up the sport in her thirties and encouraging others to do the same, or at least, whatever they could to keep fit and healthy. Sharron was a very determined person who wanted to push herself to achieve her goals at work, at home and in her personal life. A good example of this was the dedication she showed in the years when she entered triathlons to improve her swim- run-cycle time and overall performance year on year. We were surprised when she took up running and even more so when she became a triathlete. She was very lively, humorous, full of life and would light up a room when she entered it – truly an inspiration to us all. She was a beautiful, loyal and supportive friend, sister, daughter, mother and wife, whom we miss dearly. We are fundraising in her memory and will think of all her lovely, positive qualities in every event that we do.

During Sharron’s short battle with cancer Myton Hospices offered marvellous care and support to both Sharron and her immediate and extended family. Our memories of that time are poignant but the trauma was made more bearable by the existence of the hospice service and the sensitivity of the staff team. We, therefore, want to do events to raise as much money as possible as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to Myton Hospices and to support the continuation of their work.

We would like to thank you for your sponsorship in support of an invaluable service.

Total amount raised £4291.50

£225.00 donated by Frances Ihenacho on 10 March 2014
” With love from the Earlsdon Running Club- still missing you, Sharron! Xxxx ”

£10.00 donated by Jase Azulay on 6 January 2014
” Apologies it took so long ”

£2,786.00 – Offline Donation on 4 July 2013
” Amount transferred from the Sharron Warner Butterfly Fund ”

£15.00 donated by Niki Underhill on 13 June 2013

£150.00 donated by Verna Milligan on 31 May 2013
” Donations gratefully received from Steve Warner, Rita Warner and Venetia Scott. ”

£200.00 donated by Verna Milligan on 31 May 2013
” A huge thank you to all colleagues and friends at Clifton College Pre who supported Verna’s family with their generous donations to Myton. ”

£20.00 donated by Geraldine Summers on 23 May 2013
” With love, Geraldine x ”

£50.00 donated by Daniel Taylor on 22 May 2013
” well done to all who walked ”

£50.00 donated by Michelle Beckford on 22 May 2013
” Tiana Watt – £5.00 John Bayliss-£10.00 Graeme Vaughan-£5.00 Jessica Escobar-£5.00 Agness Daleczko-£2.00 Dawn Taylor-£10.00 Michelle Beckford-£13.00 ”

£20.00 donated by Frances Ihenacho on 21 May 2013
” For Sharron from the Earlsdon Running Club ”

£20.00 donated by Robert Humphreys on 21 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Dawn Lloyd on 18 May 2013
” Lots of luck tomorrow Verna, may the happy memories of your sister spur you on, Dawn xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Jane Kenny on 17 May 2013
” In memory of Sharron. Love Jane xx ”

£10.00 donated by Paul Ainsworth on 17 May 2013
” Good luck Verna! Paul x ”

£13.50 donated by Usha Done on 16 May 2013
” A ‘guess the weight of the cake’ competition to help boost funds for Verna, Judith and Anthony’s walk. Missing you Sharron. much love Usha xx ”

£300.00 donated by Usha Done on 16 May 2013
” My lifelong friend Sharron, I miss you every single day. Forever in our hearts. Usha xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Lynne Payne on 16 May 2013
” For the memory of Sharron – a lovely person. Love from Lynne and the rest of the Payne Family xx ”

£50.00 donated by Sue Coulson on 15 May 2013
” For Sharron – always in our hearts x ”

£10.00 donated by Sarah Powell on 14 May 2013
” Wishing you all the best for the walk. ”

£10.00 donated by Stephen Collings on 14 May 2013
” With love, Stephen x ”

£20.00 donated by Elaine Ashley on 14 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Sally Forster on 14 May 2013
” Good for you, Verna! ”

£10.00 donated by Katherine Field on 13 May 2013
” Good luck on your walk. A lovely thing to do in Sharron’s memory. Katherine & Richard Field (Coventry) x ”

£10.00 donated by Matthew Areskog on 13 May 2013
” With love from Matthew x ”

£100.00 donated by Candia Carolan on 13 May 2013
” with love from Candy ”

£10.00 donated by Linda James on 12 May 2013

£20.00 donated by Ann Milligan on 11 May 2013
” Praying for you as you walk. May you remember the happy times you had with Sharron. ”

£15.00 donated by Pam Cook on 10 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Sarah Grant on 10 May 2013
” Wishing you so much luck Verna. A brilliant thing to do in memory of your lovely sister. xxxxx ”

£20.00 donated by Me brian Robathan on 9 May 2013
” Good luck all of you x x ”

£10.00 donated by Kate Still on 8 May 2013
” A lovely thing you’re doing – good luck. ”

£10.00 donated by Paula French on 8 May 2013
” With love and best wishes. Aly and Paula xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Mel Rogers on 8 May 2013
” Good luck with the walk Verna. Mel xxx ”

£10.00 donated by Jack Parnell on 8 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Charlie Scott on 7 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Lisa Elliott on 7 May 2013
” A truly worthy cause. Good luck and have happy memories while you walk ”

£5.00 donated by Ruth Black on 5 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Robert Stevens on 3 May 2013

£12.00 donated by David Critchley on 3 May 2013

£10.00 donated by Someya Parveen on 3 May 2013