In memory of Viv Meyrick

Viv spent his least weeks in Myton Hospice, Walsgrave, Coventry. He said to us it was like staying at a hotel because the staff and volunteers were so helpful and friendly to him.

He always commented on the food and how good it was and anyone who knew Viv new he loved his food.

Viv spent his 67th Birthday at Myton and he was so surprised that the chef made him a special birthday cake and all the staff came into his room to sing him happy birthday. He really could not believe they would do this for him and he absolutely loved every minute of it. Thank you for making his last birthday special, he even made the Myton News with a lovely picture of him with his birthday cake. (Viv loved cake).

Viv’s wishes were not to have flowers at his funeral but to have donations made to Myton Hospice if anyone wanted to do that.

Viv made an impact where ever he went with his loud voice and laughter. I think the staff at Myton will remember Viv for quite some time. Whenever they needed a patient’s opinion on anything they would volunteer Viv knowing that he would not let them down. Viv loved the limelight and would not shy away from any interviews, whether that be with radio stations or junior doctors, the staff new they could rely on Viv.

Viv was a lifetime friend of mine and I will miss him dearly but knowing how well cared for when he most needed it makes the loss a little easier to bare.

Thank You to all the Staff and Volunteers at Myton Hospice, Clifford Bridge Road Coventry.

Kind Regards, Sue, Ged & Dan Mannion

Total Amount Raised £40.00

£20.00 – Offline Donation on 5 March 2014
” from Emma Ridler “The Rugby Hand car wash Co. were very sorry to hear the news that Viv had passed away and donated £20 in his memory. ”

£20.00 – Offline Donation on 28 February 2014
” “For our friend Viv “