Myton Skydive

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  • Date:

    28th September 2019

  • Price:


  • Location:

    Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield

  • Summary:

    Why not try one of Myton's Exclusive Skydives at Brackley (Hinton-in-the Hedges) Airfield in 2019?

  • Exclusive Skydive 28th September 2019

    The jump includes an exhilarating 10,000 feet freefall parachute jump and when you pledge to raise (£395 of sponsorship you can get to jump for FREE!)

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    If you are interested in taking on the challenge of a lifetime on 28th September 2019 while helping Myton raise vital funds to help keep our services free of charge then get in touch today!


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    If you have any questions or would like to enquire about our upcoming skydive dates please get in touch by sending an email to or calling 01926 838838
  • You already have your place through the event organisers?

    This is fantastic! You can help support The Myton Hospices by joining #TeamMyton today.

    There are few ways we can help you with this:


    If you fill out our short contact form letting us know what event you are participating in a member of our events team will be in touch.

    I have a place Create your fundraising page

    If you have any question please get in touch by sending an email to or calling 01926 838838
  • How is the £395 broken down?

    The breakdown of the amounts is as follows:

    £70 booking fee – participant to pay on booking

    £200 jump cost to the airfield – we will cover this cost for you once you hit your £395 target!

    £125 - donation to The Myton Hospices.

    Any amount over your complete total of £395 will also come directly to helping Myton Hospice – so please aim high!

    Can I jump on another day?

    If you are unable to jump on the organised date please contact Skyline on 020 7424 5500 to discuss the possibility of jumping on an alternative date with Skyline.

    Where is the airfield?

    The airfield is situated 15 miles north of Oxford.  Once your reservation form has been received and processed, full confirmation details will be sent to you, including a map and directions to the airfield.


    Are there any restrictions on age or health?

    For a tandem skydive you must be at least 16 years old and be under 15 stone in weight. Please note some centres have different weight limits - please contact Skyline for details. The weight restriction for Hinton Airfield is 15 stone.

    The principal medical restrictions are diabetes, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness and some cases of asthma. You will be required to sign a medical form before your jump declaring your fitness to take part - this will be sent to you upon receipt of your reservation form but is also available on request. Those under the age of 18 will need the medical form signed by a parent or guardian; those aged 40 and over, or those with a medical condition, will need it signed by their doctor.

    Pre-existing physical conditions will not necessarily prevent you from taking part but please inform Skyline of any physical condition as this may affect the location of your jump. If you are in any doubt then please contact us for further information.

    What about insurance?

    You will automatically be covered for up to £2,000,000 third party insurance but this will not cover you for personal injury. Should you wish to take out cover for personal injury you should either arrange this through your own broker or you can contact Skyline on the number below and we will send you a Personal Insurance Form.

    How do I book my place to jump?

    Simply click the sign up link and follow the instructions online! Or request more information and we will send you a paper copy of the sign up form.

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    Paying your sponsorship money

    You will be required to pay your sponsorship money of £395 to The Myton Hospices up to two weeks before the date of your jump.