Children and teen services

When people are living with a terminal illness, or when someone close to us dies, it can be a difficult time. The world we are familiar with has changed, and as with any change it can be difficult to get used to this new situation. These events can be very challenging, and it can be a time of mixed thoughts and emotions. The whole family can be affected, both adults and children.

As part of our ongoing care, we recognise that some families and friends may need additional support. Being able to share feelings and experiences outside of your immediate circle can be valuable and that is why we offer our family support services.

Our services are provided by experienced counsellors who are supported by a team of trained volunteers. We provide a safe and confidential setting where concerns will be heard in a compassionate, caring and respectful way.

Rainbow Ripples

Children are also affected by the illness and death of a close family member. Our family support service is able to help parents or carers approach this sensitive situation in a child friendly and age appropriate way.

Children may not be able to verbally express how they feel or what they are thinking but can be very aware of the stresses going on within the family. We can support the family in finding a way to explore what they are experiencing. Our family or one to one sessions can involve activities that are therapeutic and tailored to each person’s individual needs.

Our experience shows that where families are prepared for the death of a loved one it can have a beneficial effect on a family as a whole. This can result in a more open and less complex grieving process for everyone involved.

As well as family and one to one sessions, we have Rainbow Ripples workshops for young children. These weekend sessions give children the opportunity to meet others who are bereaved. This therapeutic approach uses activities to support children through their loss and also help them to realise that they are not alone in their experience.


Myteens is a monthly support group for teenagers. This opportunity allows young people to meet with others who have lost a parent or carer and understand how bereavement has impacted on their lives. These two hour sessions offer activities which are fun, thought-provoking and therapeutic, in the hope of supporting young people to manage the challenges they face.