Clinical Psychology

We offer support and psychological expertise to Myton patients (inpatients, outpatients & day patients), their relatives or carers, and staff. The Clinical Psychology service aims to help people cope and adjust to their situation whilst also maximising their independence and autonomy.

Following referral the Clinical Psychologists will firstly meet with the person to listen to what they have to say, explore their problems and concerns and together they will identify some aims for treatment. With this information they will then formulate a holistic view of what the difficulty is, taking into account physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural, social and spiritual factors. This assessment and formulation will then help the Clinical Psychologist and person decide what support will be most helpful for them.

This may be by offering specific evidence based talking therapies (e.g. CBT, ACT, CFT, MI) to help the person think and act in ways that are more helpful to them. Interventions can be directly with the person or may be with family members, carers, or with the staff involved in the person’s care. Where appropriate patients may be referred on to other services or professionals.

How long will the sessions last?

Sessions usually last up to an hour and take place every few weeks but this can vary according to need and can be discussed on assessment. The person will normally be seen at their nearest Myton Hospice, but if they are at home and are not able to travel in to the hospice then home visits can be arranged.

Who can be referred

The Clinical Psychology Service does not normally see people with ‘normal’ / transient distress or people who just want someone to talk to. These needs are best met by other skilled professionals within Myton. Referrals to this service come directly from the Myton medical and nursing teams with the patient’s/family’s consent.

For more information about the Clinical Psychology service please ask any member of the Myton clinical team. This service is just part of a comprehensive range of psychological support offered by all Myton staff at some level to patients and their families.