We offer hairdressing to all Day Unit patients across our three sites, and can also facilitate appointments for Inpatients too. Our hairdresser has been at Myton for 12 years and is trained to work with women’s and men’s hair.

The hair salons in our three hospices provide some familiar comfort for Day Unit patients who may struggle to go to their regular hairdresser as a result of their illness, or whose hair may be affected by their treatment. The salon doesn’t work on an appointment system, meaning patients can take as much time as they need with the hairdresser.

From hair cutting and styling, to trying on wigs or just having someone wash your hair for you, the salon can cater for most needs. Our hairdresser has even helped style hair for weddings at our hospices too.

Holistically, how people feel about themselves is important which is why we offer this service not only to Day Unit patients but also people staying on our Inpatient Units. The salon offers a calm, non-clinical environment for people to switch off and enjoy some pampering.