Twistii – The Torch With A Twist



Introducing Twistii…

Twistii is a rotating wrist torch that allows both hands to be free. Whether you are in a cupboard under the stairs, in the loft, tinkering under the car bonnet, walking the dog or home from school, a Twistii wrist torch is always there to help light up your life.

Twistii contains 6 LED’s (3 white and 3 red) with 3 mode settings; forward directional beam, combined front and rear light and a warning flash providing 180 minutes from a single charge. With a convenient green LED indicator light letting you know when it’s fully charged.

Thanks to Twistii’s low profile design, it is not much bigger than a sports watch and is easy to conceal under your sleeve when required.

As seen on the BBC’s The Customer Is Always Right.

Designed by a local Warwickshire entrepreneur who is kindly supporting The Myton Hospice with sales of these red/white wrist torches.

Twistii Fire

– Twistii Fire wrist torch– White soft silicone snap strap– White micro-USB charge cable.


– Full 360 degree rotation– Rechargeable– Weather resistant– 3 functional modes.


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