Equality and diversity statement

At The Myton Hospices we are committed to an equal opportunities approach in everything we do.

This means that we seek to ensure anyone connected with Myton, from patients and families through to donors, supporters, volunteers and staff are treated fairly, appropriately and with dignity and respect. From our day to day activities to our strategic decision-making we consider how the ways we work may affect different groups and actively eliminate or reduce negative impact and discrimination.

We are proactive in gaining feedback from the widest possible group of stakeholders and constantly strive to engage with as wide a range of people as possible in all aspects of Myton enabling us to develop in a way which builds our organisation learning, understanding and responsiveness to all.

The Myton Hospice's Gender Pay Gap Data

  • Women’s hourly rate is 6% lower (mean) and 17% lower (median).
  • Top salary quartile has 16.9% men and 83.1% women.
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 16.7% men and 83.3% women.
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 7.8% men and 92.2% women.
  • Lower salary quartile has 21.8% men and 78.2% women.
  • Women’s bonus pay is 0% lower (mean) and 0% lower (median).
  • 0% of men and 0% of women received bonus pay.