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The Myton Hospices by Numbers 2014 - 2015

This is the fourth year we have published ‘Myton by Numbers’ and in the terms of our delivery this year’s figures are disappointing in a number of areas as they show a decline in the numbers of patients we supported through some of our services last year.

This feels a big drop from the 526 the year before. Throughout the year Myton, like many healthcare organisations, struggled with the recruitment of registered nurses across each of its clinical areas but with the inpatient units being particularly hard hit. As a result we closed some of our inpatient beds in both Coventry and Warwick in order to protect the safety of our patients – which is always our paramount concern. Our Doctor and Nurse numbers continue to fluctuate leading to closed beds in Warwick since the beginning of the year but hopefully with the recruitment of a new Director of Medicine and Director of Nursing we will be able to tackle these issues full on in the coming months. Our aim is to see inpatient numbers in our complex care beds increase again, and our nurse led beds will enable us to support even more patients in Coventry Myton.

294 patients were supported by Day Hospice, down from 313 the year before. The number of sessions delivered was also down.

This drop was due to a different set of circumstances. Careful consideration of our declining Day Hospice numbers over the last few years shows that we are getting patients that are far more poorly, with far more complicated health needs and whose carers are often desperate for the respite we can provide. This is essential work but we can’t manage a high number of these patients each day, leading to less patients overall. We have noticed a slow decline in the number of people we are working with earlier on in their diagnosis – when we feel we can also make a huge difference, so we have recently produced a whole new range of materials to promote the ‘living well’ support our Day Hospice teams can provide and will be actively marketing our service at cancer units and elsewhere. This should help redress the balance of the type of patients coming through our doors.

Due to levels of sickness and problems with recruitment nursing numbers have also been down at all three units – which hasn’t helped our performance but lots of new recruitment into Day Hospice recently should really help get us back on track.

But it certainly isn’t all bad news!

Other essential services have seen good increases in numbers over the year with lymphoedema, complementary therapy, counselling and Myton at Home, among others, all continuing to grow.

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