Our Vision, Mission and Values

At The Myton Hospices the needs of our patients and their families always come first. Learn more about our vision, mission, priorities and plans for the future.

Our Vision

The Myton Hospices believe everyone in Coventry and Warwickshire should live well towards the end of their life and have the right to a good, natural death, the way they want it to be and with their loved ones supported.

Our Mission

The Myton team provide high quality, specialist care to people whose condition no longer responds to curative treatment, from diagnosis to death. We aim to meet their physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs and ensure their families are supported both through and after this difficult time. We are also committed to training, supporting and encouraging other care providers to practise good palliative care.

Our Values

Agreeing what our core values are is important because it helps us concentrate on getting three or four key things right and creating a place where everyone can achieve their best. So we set about asking as many people as possible about what they would choose if they could pick a small number of things that we should encourage, reward, promote and challenge when we don’t see it happen!

After 18 months of consultation and discussion the Board of Trustees has approved a set of values for The Myton Hospices. I doubt they will surprise you..

RESPECT and dignity for all

VALUE every individual and ourselves

ONE MYTON, One Team, One Goal – delivering holistic care


Getting these four things right is absolutely crucial to the future of our hospice .We already do them well but we could do them even better.

Ruth Freeman, Chief Executive


HR Strategy

Our HR Strategy for the period 2017 – 2020 is essentially a support Strategy for The Myton Hospices’ overall Corporate Strategy.

If you would like to find out more please view our interactive PDF below or click here to download.

Recruitment and Retention Strategy

The ability to deliver high quality, compassionate care depends upon recruiting and retaining the right people with the right skills.

As we expand our services over the coming years we recognise that we will need to employ more staff and retain, manage and develop our existing workforce to ensure we can provide high quality, safe and effective patient care.

If you would like to find out more please view our interactive PDF below or click here to download.