You might be surprised to know…


There are many common misconceptions regarding end of life care: and people are often surprised by what we can offer and how we can help.

Myton is not just about end of life care

We are about living well for longer with a terminal illness


40% of patients are discharged from Myton after a stay in our inpatient unit.

The average length of stay is 10 days.


Not all patients have cancer

We provide care for people with a wide range of terminal illnesses including Motor Neurone disease, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.


We do not just provide care for the elderly

We care for anyone aged 18 years and over with a terminal illness.


Our hospices are relaxed and peaceful

They can also be happy places filled with the sounds of talking and laughter.


Everyone is welcome

Family, friends, the family dog – everyone is welcome at Myton.


All of our services are provided free of charge

Thanks to our supporters for making this possible.


We have to raise £11 million of the £14.3 million

To provide our services free of charge.