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Make a splash this Autumn by choosing to swim one of our 4 distances, take on our Team Challenge or pick your own distance all to raise vital funds for The Myton Hospices!

Swim one of our four water inspired distances, take on our Team Challenge or pick your own distance all to raise vital funds for The Myton Hospices! Complete your swim any time between 1st September and 1st December 2022 at your local pool or a place of your choice.

When: 1st September - 1st December 2022 

Price: £5


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Looking for inspiration? Why not take on one of our distances? We’ve even worked out how many lengths you need to do!

We need your help to reach £7,500 in sponsorship!

This could fund 300 hours of specialist nursing care so we can support more people with life-limiting illnesses and their families, when they need us most. Every single penny you raise in sponsorship will really make a big difference. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, why not become one of our:

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We need your help to reach £7,500 in sponsorship!

The Myton Hospices - Kate Miles - Swim for Myton 2021

The sponsorship money you raise will help to ensure we are there for more people like Kate and her family, when they need us most:

Kate Miles was able to have some control over her death thanks to The Myton Hospices.

When she was told she had a matter of weeks left to live, she decided she wanted to spend that time at home.

Her children, Steven and Kati, both moved back to their parents’ house to care for Kate. She was fiercely independent and wanted to continue to live as normally as possible for as long as she could. As specialist equipment like walking sticks, wheelchairs, toilet seats and even a new bed arrived, Steven and Kati would hide it from their mum and retrieve it only when she decided she needed it.

Steven said:

It was a difficult journey for her because she used to be a home care manager and this time she was on the other side of the situation. After about two and a half months of caring for mum, we were exhausted and wondering what was going on as we thought we only had a matter of weeks left with her. We were up all night, my sister was literally a nurse.

We had lots of support from district nurses and Macmillan nurses. Mum wanted to stay at home until the end but the further along we went, we realised there were things which you have to do which you don’t ever imagine having to do for your parent like taking them to the toilet, administering suppositories. One day I told Kati I couldn’t cope anymore and phoned Myton because we were so desperate. We had been coping so well until then. Then Myton was there every single day, several times a day. It made it possible for us to keep mum at home right up until the end. When the Myton at Home team came in it was about care, but one of the nurses, Maddy, would also do mum’s nails and she really looked forward to that.

Myton enabled Kate to feel in control of her death. And for her family, the most important thing was that they had no regrets, and nothing left unsaid once they found out there time together was limited.

When we found out mum was dying, Kati and I planned out what we wanted and to make sure we and mum didn’t have any regrets. The whole journey has made me unafraid of death and what happens. Mum got what she wanted by being able to be at home to die.

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