36 year old Janine, and mum to Matthew-James bravely shares her story of staying at our Coventry Inpatient Unit…

Hi my name is Janine, I am currently staying at Coventry Myton Hospice as an inpatient for the second time and have been asked to write a guest blog about my experience here. But first a little bit about me…


I am 36 years old and I'm a Mum to my brave, amazing, polite, cheeky 13 year old Matthew-James who I adore so much.


I am also a dog Mum to Lennon-John who is eight years old, he is my cuddly, loud fur baby. I am incredibly lucky to have amazing support from my family who again I love so much.

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Before my life today I was a medical receptionist in a GP practice which I loved, I worked for an amazing doctor, loved everyone I worked with, we were a great team, getting to talk and help the patients was my favourite part.


My cancer journey started in March 2021, but I had pain in my back since November 2019.


I had explained to my renal doctor that I had been having back pain and shoulder pain so she referred me for a scan which showed that the bone was abnormal in shape and sadly looked like cancer.


I was then sent for a biopsy and ended up having three biopsies which found the cancer to be sarcoma, because of this I then had to have a full PET scan which showed where the cancer was. My cancer started in my uterus that spread to my pelvis, liver, spine and my right shoulder, socket and arm.


I met my Oncologist Dr Sherriff at the QE Birmingham, she is amazing and I feel so lucky to have her.


I started chemotherapy in August 2021 which I had every three weeks and I also had five sessions of radiotherapy in the November.


Chemotherapy was hard but in the December after my scan we found that my cancer was stable – the chemotherapy was working!


I didn't have any treatment for a whole year which was great. My cancer, Leiomyosarcoma, can be very unpredictable, it can grow and spread fast so for me being stable makes me calm and happy.


In January 2023, my scan showed some growths on my liver and on my shoulder, so we started a new chemotherapy.


My pain over the last two and a half years was awful and in the last year and a half I have had days/weeks of not being able to walk from the pain which got worse.


I have a great palliative team who have always been so supportive and they told me about The Myton Hospices and the services they offer. They said Myton would help me relax, I'd have meals, my medication would be done by the nurses, I’d not have to worry and I'd be looked after whilst they sorted my pain relief.


When I was first admitted to Coventry Myton Hospice I was greeted by the lovely Aggie here at Myton who showed me to my room and I met the lovely nurses and nurse assistants.


I felt so happy and pleased to be here, nothing was too much for anyone, they helped me with anything that I needed, they really lifted my spirits, made me smile every day and got me walking again.


I can’t thank each of them enough for all the help and support and I promised them I would continue to support Myton in any way I can because I'm so grateful to all of the team.


I talk a lot about Myton and tell people that it's not a place where people just go to die, which is the stigma hospices get.

The Myton Hospices - Janine

Yes people sadly pass away here but Myton is so much more than that, helping people with terminal illnesses, respiratory problems, organ failure, heart problems, neurological problems, they care for patients families and carers, offer respite care and pain management.


There are lots of amazing services provided by occupational therapists and physiotherapists, counsellors, complementary therapists, doctors, nurses and wonderful volunteers.


Thank you all for always being amazing and supportive, I will forever be grateful to Myton for getting me walking again, making me feel safe, helping my confidence and making me feel like me again!


I don't feel like a cancer patient when leaving Myton, I feel great! Knowing I'm able to be the best Mum I can be and live my life normal again for that bit longer. I am truly grateful to have you.

Thank you so much to Janine for such kind words and for being so amazing!


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