A few words from Evie, one of our Pets as Therapy dogs


My name is Evie and I am a Pets as Therapy dog at The Myton Hospices. I am 9 years old and I have been a PAT dog at Myton for a year now and what an enjoyable year it has been!

Once or twice a week my yellow jacket comes out and that’s when I know I am on my way to Myton.

Sometimes I travel by bus, sometimes by car depending on the weather. I love these special outings as I know I am in for a lot of fun and fuss. My favourite lady is Beverley in the nurse’s office as she gives me my wages which is 2 treats- one before I start my ward round and one after.

At times I can be a little clumsy but I don’t mean to be! Sometimes I accidently sit on the alarmed mats at the patient’s bedside so I get a lot of staff hurrying in to see me.

I am always very busy when I’m at the hospice because I like to see as many people as possible so when I return home I go straight to my big wicker basket and have a nice long sleep.

Myton is like a second home to me and I like to support them in any way I can. This year, I am very happy to be taking part in Walk for Myton- I will take any opportunity to go for a walk. My owner has been very kind and has got me my own Myton Hospice bandana to wear which I can’t wait to put on! I’ve been told there is a BBQ at the end of the walk too so I am hoping to get my paws on a hot dog or two!

I can’t wait to meet lots of people who all love Myton as much as I do. I’ve heard there are quite a few dogs taking part in the event with their owners this year so hopefully I can make lots of new friends too!