Alcester Academy raise £1,026


A huge thank you to the fabulous staff and pupils at Alcester Academy, who have raised an amazing £1,026 for The Myton Hospices by holding a dress-down day.


No stranger to fundraising for good causes, the Academy team have a great history of supporting local causes. But, it was decided that this dress-down day would be to raise money for The Myton Hospices as the hospice movement is a cause very close to Head Teacher Sarah Mellors.


She explained:

I am always keen to support as many local charities as possible and see it as one of my moral and professional duties to inform the students of those organisations around us locally that may one day, very sadly, support our own families and friends.

I was moved recently to become involved in a hospice looking after my own closest friend. It was an extremely dark time for me personally and whilst this hospice was further afield geographically, I saw first-hand how outstanding their care and support was for her, her immediate family and for my own family. Not only did the hospice provide the medical care and guidance needed at such a difficult time, but they helped us to understand the condition far more and to deal with the emotion surrounding a very serious, terminal health issue and our own consequential loss and bereavement.

She added that many of the students at Alcester Academy are touched by the serious illness of a loved one during their time at the school – and that a significant number are also young carers.


If we can illustrate that we can understand what this means, and how this can impact upon their lived experiences, it can support our young people greatly at their most challenging times,” she said. “Equally, many of the staff will go through some of their toughest times with us as well.

Supporting The Myton Hospices is so important to me as a Head teacher. The Hospices might one day support our students' parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins, neighbours, friends, children, teachers and indeed with regret, themselves one day. This exemplary work cannot continue with some financial injection and if we can support this at Alcester Academy through a very enjoyable and easy to organise non-uniform day, then we surely will!

I am so proud of the students and their parents for backing us with this amazing cause. Thank you to The Myton Hospices for all that they do and for the staff who care for our loved ones unconditionally.

Lou Careless, community fundraiser at Myton, echoed these feelings and expressed her gratitude on behalf of all at Myton.


She said:

“We are so very grateful to everyone at Alcester Academy for taking part in the non-uniform day, for choosing Myton to benefit and for doing such an amazing job of raising such a wonderful amount of money. This money will be put to the very best use, providing care and support, free of charge, to our patients living with terminal illnesses and their families. So, thank you to everyone who took part, supported and donated, on behalf of every one of our patients and their loved ones.”


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