The Myton Hospices has joined University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire in displaying artwork for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy as part of a winter arts trail.


The colourful work of Nancy Upshall can be seen in the entrance and at The Coffee Shop at Coventry Myton Hospice, just a five minute walk from UHCW.


Nancy said:

I was very pleased to be offered the opportunity to show some of my work at Myton, as part of the Art Trail.

Hopefully patients and visitors alike will find my work interesting enough to relieve momentarily the anxieties engendered by their situation. The colour and subject matter which I enjoyed exploring, might strike a chord, or a pleasant memory.

Art work of any kind is not produced just for oneself. It is for sharing, being seen, rather than staying stacked against the studio wall. The viewing public visiting Myton is very varied - people of all ages, professions and interests, not necessarily interested in art. These are the people I like to share my work with even if it may be only a brief encounter.

Arts Coordinator at UHCW, Emma Linnane, added:

We’re delighted to work closely with Coventry Myton Hospice to be able to exhibit these amazing works from Nancy. Art is well evidenced to help lift mood and it has been inspiring to see and hear about the positive impact that it is having.

We are thoroughly enjoying Nancy’s work, which can be seen at Coventry Myton Hospice until Friday 1st March!


Take a look at Nancy's work below...



The rest of the trail continues through University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire until this date too.


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