‘Bedside Utterings’ by a Myton patient

The mythical idea that an Amazonian butterfly’s wing, flapping and evolving into a gust of powerful proportion, by the time it’s rippled around the globe might be a rather fanciful notion, but there is a very real comparison with the red wings of Myton’s symbolic logo.

Since becoming cocooned in the caring embrace of the magical, multi-talented wings of this gentle, genuine and generous organisation, I’ve not spent many moments feeling anything but safe, secure and ‘human’ again.

It’s taken a while to adjust my mind-set. For over two years I’ve been propelled through the ‘care ‘n’ repair pressures’ that the NHS teams have to respond to. Then, in a very similar looking environment (wards, charts, uniforms, meds, beds etc), the emphasis changed. Wow, has it changed!

The relationship is warmer and there is a sense of dignity that, once ‘the light bulb’ moment occurs, returns the patient to a feeling that ‘I’m a person again’. The ill-conceived sense that ‘I’m a bunch of chores and inconvenient little run-around tasks’ goes to the wayside.

They’re always insisting that ‘the buzzer is there for buzzing’ but it has been my desire to not be ‘a burden’. I’ve realised that it’s more graceful and a truer reflection of my gratitude to accept the pure kindness that’s being so honestly, and unconditionally, extended to me and my family.

My condition hasn’t changed- I’m still dying- but my sense of self is being given room to breathe. This is thanks to the multitude of small deeds, kind words, practical assistance and experience from a wide range of healthcare professionals who are committed to this stage of life, as well as the subtle ‘emotional handling’ required.

There is no ‘aura of pity’ here- just realistic, relieving reassurance in the way the challenges and stages are addressed and overcome.

“Delicate as a butterfly’s wing; beautiful and powerful”