Hospice Care Week: Clare’s Story

Meet Clare Cropp, our incredible Fundraising Development and Engagement Manager at The Myton Hospices.


Since joining us in October 2017, Clare focusses on developing creative fundraising ideas and reaching different audiences and communities.


However, Clare hasn’t always been involved in fundraising. After her university studies, Clare started her career as a primary school teacher.


Alongside her partner Paul, she bought her first house in 2009 and as a new build, they watched their house being built.


Paul travelled a lot with his job and came back from a work trip to Japan with Deep Vein Thrombosis.


After a trip to A&E, Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 27 years old.


With an uncertain prognosis, Paul deteriorated rapidly and only 10 days after his diagnosis, was admitted to LOROS Hospice in Leicester.


Paul died five days later.


Determined to pay tribute to Paul and honour his memory, Clare and his family committed themselves to fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK and LOROS.


After Paul’s death, Clare was in desperate need of a break, so went travelling across Australia and Thailand.


After her travels, Clare went back into teaching and soon met her now husband, Chris. Both wanting a career change, the couple made the bold decision to pack everything up and moved to Canada for just under a year.


Chris had a desire to complete his Masters in Sheffield and a Community Fundraising Manager role at a hospice in Sheffield captured Clare’s attention.


Once Chris completed his studies, he landed a job closer to home in Southam, with Clare securing a position at Alzheimer's Research UK.


Although the job was interesting, Clare couldn't shake the feeling that it lacked the personal connection and drive she yearned for.


She had always dreamed of working for a hospice again, and that dream became a reality when the opportunity at Myton arose.


Clare started at Myton as our Community and Events Fundraising Manager, before developing into her role now.


Clare said:

It’s very cliché but the difference we make to patients and their loved ones is incredible.

From my own experiences, it was a very quick 15 days from Paul’s diagnosis to his death, but I remember everything about the hospice.

From his family dog visiting, to his friends watching the World Cup with him in his room.

I remember taking him for a bath which turned out to be the last time he walked.

I know what it means to our patients and their families, having lived it myself.

Working at Myton allows me to give back what I once received during the darkest days.

It's about providing families with comfort, support, and the highest quality of life possible.

Each member of our team, from fundraising to nursing, is united in this common goal, tirelessly working together even in challenging times.

It’s very powerful.

Join us in celebrating Hospice Care Week!


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