Guidance to support patient visiting during COVID 19 Pandemic

Dear visitor,

As from Wednesday 26th May 2021, we are pleased to announce our decision to lift the limit on the overall number of visitors to the hospice.  Each patient will now be asked to nominate a maximum of 6 visitors who will need to remain the same 6 people throughout the patients stay.


The names of the 6 visitors will need to be given to the nursing staff who will pass the details to reception.


  • Visiting times will be unrestricted, although visitors remaining at the Hospice overnight will be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Only 2 visitors will be able to visit at any one time, therefore families/friends will need to coordinate the times at which they visit to ensure they do not overlap.
  • The nominated visitors must follow strict guidance in relation to wearing PPE, handwashing and socially distancing.
  • Pets with clean paws can also visit


In addition to the above infection prevention and control measures you will be required to undertake twice weekly lateral flow testing. We are aware that a number of people are already doing this as requirement of their work etc, therefore we are happy for you to share these results with us when you visit.


If you are currently not undertaking lateral flow testing we will provide you with the equipment and instructions to enable you to carry out the test at home. You will need to enter your test results onto the government website, following which you will be sent a text message confirming the result.  This text message must be shown to the nursing/reception staff when you arrive at the Hospice to visit.


If you are unable to undertake self-testing or do not have access to an electronic device and/or mobile phone – then please inform the nursing team on the inpatient unit. They will arrange to undertake your twice weekly testing for you.


We appreciate how distressing it can be for patients and their relatives to make decisions about who should visit as patients approach end of life. Therefore, for those patients who are rapidly deteriorating or dying families are encouraged to discuss their particular needs with the Ward Manager; we fully understand occasions will arise where discretion will be required on an individual patient basis.


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.


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