Could you become one of our reception volunteers at Coventry Myton Hospice? We speak to Carole and Pauline and find out what they love about volunteering

Our receptions are the first port of call for anyone visiting or coming into our hospices so it is really important that they receive a warm welcome from our receptionists! We asked Coventry Myton Hospice volunteer receptionists, Carole and Pauline, to share their experiences with us.  

How long have you been volunteering at Coventry Myton Hospice?

Carole: I’ve been a volunteer at Myton since the Coventry hospice opened in 2009. At first I volunteered in the Day Hospice and Inpatient Unit and then when a vacancy came up on reception I started here – I do two shifts a week.

Pauline: I’ve been volunteering here for over five years and I also do two shifts a week on reception; on Thursday mornings we work together and have become good friends.

Why did you become a volunteer at Coventry Myton Hospice reception?

Carole: I had taken early retirement and I didn’t want to vegetate!

Pauline: I had volunteered at the hospital in 1990 and always intended to volunteer again when I retired.

What sort of tasks do you do on reception?

Carole: We help where we are needed and it’s very varied. We answer the phone, receive patients, welcome visiting friends and families, take deliveries, distribute post, and even help the fundraising team with folding lottery tickets and stuffing envelopes. We help with the Coffee Shop sometimes as well and I really enjoy that.

Pauline: We are happy to help out and muck in where we can. We are the first point of contact for people and its lovely to be able to welcome people, for example the first time someone is coming to day hospice and they might be nervous, we can help to put them at ease. There can be sometimes when it’s challenging but that’s far outweighed by the positives, I really enjoy volunteering here and get a lot out of it. I like helping with the Coffee Shop too.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering on reception?

Carole: I find it very, very rewarding! Sometimes people can be distressed and it’s our job to welcome them and put them at ease if we can. We get to meet lots of different people and I’ve made some new friends.

Pauline: I like meeting people and I hope I make a difference to them when they come in. When you retire you miss being part of something and miss the banter, I get that here.

What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a volunteer here?

Carole: Go for it!! I really look forward to coming to Myton.

Pauline: I would say yes, yes! You are made to feel so welcome and I am proud to be a part of Myton.

We can’t thank Carole and Pauline, and all of our wonderful volunteers, enough for their support – we wouldn’t be able to run our hospices without them! If you would like to join our special team of volunteers we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for volunteers at Coventry Myton Hospice for our reception at evenings and weekends and for our Coffee Shop during the daytime.


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