Everyone has a different motivation for becoming a volunteer, and this Volunteers’ Week we spoke to shop manager Katy about being a retail volunteer


Katy Spiegelhalter joined Myton as retail volunteer in December. She had taken some time off work after losing her sister to cancer earlier in the year and decided that volunteering for a local charity would give her something to do and build up her confidence in a work environment.


You get to meet so many people, and quite often people who have experienced Myton first hand; whether you’re a volunteer or a member of staff in a Myton shop, you are reminded everyday why you’re there doing that job, raising the money. It’s very inspiring.

After volunteering at Myton for a few months Katy left to return to employment but she missed Myton, so when the opportunity arose she was able to draw on her volunteering experience and secure a paid role.


She said:

I left my role as a volunteer to start a new job in an office earlier on in 2019. There was nothing wrong with the job, but I really missed Myton! There were a couple of jobs within the retail team going so I applied for one in the hope of returning to Myton.

Katy took on the role of shop manager at our first Stratford upon Avon shop, next to Morrisons, in April!


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