Gary Lloyd prepares to take on Africa’s tallest mountain for Myton

With less than 12 months to go until the start of the Kilimanjaro Trek, we asked Gary Lloyd what inspired him to take on this particular challenge and what training for this legendary trek has entailed so far.

Why have you decided to take part in the Kilimanjaro Trek?

I wanted to achieve something on a personal level and to push myself onto something that not many people do. I’m a poly rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and look forward to the challenge. I had a thought the other day- when we are up there, 99.99% of the entire population of the earth will be lower than we are. Bonkers!

What is it about the trek that you are you looking forward to the most?

I can’t single one thing out to be honest, although summit night will be hard to beat. If I had to name a few I would say the country, the people, the scenery, the animals, and the night sky- the list goes on!

Event Participants

How do you plan to fundraise?

We have signed up for lots of events, like wolf runs, cycle rides, other smaller challenges, football matches, and plan to host barbecues, discos, karaoke nights and quizzes to raise money for Myton.

Why have you chosen to fundraise for Myton?

My daughter-in-law, Jaclyn Lloyd, passed at Myton Coventry. She was only 27 and she is my inspiration.

What has your training involved so far?

Training has been varied, from simply walking and running through woods and hills to cycling, swimming and general gym work.

Have you done any other overseas challenge events before?

I have cycled from London to Paris but that’s all, until now…