‘Hospice care is for everyone’ by our Diversity Chaplain, Abbas Khalifa

The greatness of humanity is not in being a human, but in being humane!”
Mahatma Gandhi

Every person matters to us at Myton because they are born into humanity and became part of this ONE HUMANITY. We need to look beyond the illness and see each person as a person because they are just that and nothing else. Yet, at the same time, they are all unique in their very own way.

Every person matters to us at Myton irrespective of their differences. Diversity and differences are good for the health of humanity but only when they are respected in the most suitable manner otherwise they will break the solemnness of human serenity.

Humanity is like ‘one big family’ and for this reason each person deserves the right to be treated with dignified respect and diligent care. The journey towards the end of life is one that is very tough and challenging for many people and it is during these important stages in life when one feels vulnerability towards their personal holistic care.

Narratives are important parts of human lives and we need to recognise that each person has a personal narrative that can be shared with any of us. Each narrative can be very unique and personalised and yet it can also affect the lives of others too.

Healthcare providers often work collaboratively with other organisations so that the best holistic care plans can be made for our patients. Myton works very closely with the local NHS Hospitals, such as the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust and the University Hospitals of Coventry & Warwickshire [UHCW].

Sadly, many people are unaware of what happens within the walls of the hospices. Some people have the notion that hospices are places where people only spend the latter parts of their mortal lives and thus they have a very dismal view of hospices. I have now worked here for several years and I can definitely say that this is not the case. On the contrary, life within the hospices is very different each day. Almost every member of our team, from healthcare assistants to nursing and medical staff and administrators to therapy providers (including the chaplains), all of us will endeavour to bring happiness and goodness to our patients and their loved ones. We shall utilise different methods of care provisions including creative arts, relaxation and massage therapy.

I have the greatest honour of being a chaplaincy team member at both The Myton Hospices and also at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust. So, as a hospice and acute healthcare chaplain, I see it as my duty to engage fully and in a creative manner with all patients who receive care from us.

I believe that our engagement must include the holistic care needs of their loved ones and also for their carers but in some cases this will also include their pets, that is why we welcome pets at Myton.

We as chaplains are not interested in judging any person in any way because the journey of faith is often a very personal journey which can be interesting in one sense but challenging in another sense.We as chaplains will always try to seek with empathy only to provide the best holistic care for all patients whilst sharing with them their respective pathways and journey into life’s challenges.

Every person matters to us from the beginning to their end purely because they are all human and belong to one big humanity!