When Inpatient Unit patient, Jackie was approaching the end of her life she knew she would need someone special to look after her beloved 20 year-old parakeet, Muppet!


At The Myton Hospices we know how important people’s pets are to them.


Over the years we’ve seen everything from hamsters to donkeys visiting patients and we make no secret of being dog lovers – there are always treats tucked away ready for four-legged visitors. Pets become part of the family, and when someone becomes too ill to look after their animal companion, ensuring they have a good home to go to is a top priority for many.


The Myton Hospices - Sharon - Deputy Sisters - Warwick Myton Hospice - Dog

Last year, Sharon, one of the Deputy Sisters at our Warwick Myton Hospice took an exceptional liking to this little furry fella!


Jackie Bedford had been coming to Warwick Day Hospice and often talked about her 20 year-old parakeet, Muppet.


When she was admitted to the Inpatient Unit and realised she wasn’t well enough to continue to look after her beloved bird she was desperate to find him a new home.


Nursing Assistant, Caroline Barker, has had pet birds before and offered to take Muppet in.


Jackie Bedford - Parakeet - Caroline Barker - Warwick Day Hospice - The Myton Hospices

Caroline Barker and Muppet the Parakeet


And this wasn’t the first time she has adopted a pet when a patient was no longer able to look after them.


She and Jackie went through his likes and dislikes – including his favourite breakfast of buttery toast – and how she had cared for him over the last 20 years.


Caroline explains:

Muppet was Jackie’s world for 20 years and it was good for Jackie’s family to know he was going to be well looked after. I even brought him to visit her on the Inpatient Unit – this was her chance to spend one last day with him and say goodbye.

He’s such a character – he can’t walk or fly but he loves a cuddle and some kisses, he will sit in my arms to watch the television, and he loves a bath and a blow-dry! And my grandchildren absolutely adore him.

A few years ago I had been looking after two birds for a patient while they were on the Inpatient Unit. They then had to move to a care home and I offered to adopt the birds as they couldn’t go to their care home. It gave them such comfort to know they were going to have a loving home, and when I found out that Muppet needed a new home I knew had to do the same again for Jackie.

We’re so proud to have been able to be a part of ensuring Jackie’s wishes for Muppet were fulfilled.


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