Hospice Care Week: Karen’s Story

Karen Hunt, Lymphoedema Specialist Practitioner at The Myton Hospices, has worked for Myton since 2009.


The last 14 years in her role has seen a great change in attitudes towards hospice care, with Karen dedicating the differences to the wonderful staff and volunteers that make hospices what they are.


Karen’s role entails managing the Lymphoedema service at Myton, seeing patients who have developed lymphoedema secondary to cancer and/or it’s treatment.


Lymphoedema is the swelling of fluid occurring in various parts of the body that cannot successfully be drained away.


Karen, as well as the rest of Myton’s wonderful Lymphoedema team, teaches patients how to manage the swelling to feel more confident and comfortable in reducing their symptoms.


Prior to her tenure, Karen was a Tissue Viability Nurse in Birmingham.


As an extra qualification supported by her workplace, Karen completed further lymphoedema training. Already experienced in Leg Lymphoedema, a form of lymphoedema caused by immobility and poor circulation, this training opened Karen’s eyes to other forms of the condition.


At this time, Karen was relocating back to her home town of Kenilworth and was seeking specialist lymphoedema jobs.


Karen said:

These jobs don’t come up often so it was fate that there was a vacancy when I was looking.

I had no connection to Myton beforehand, but as soon as I walked through the doors for the interview I felt at home. It was and is so friendly and it just felt right.

I’ve also never worked at an organisation where I could freely talk to the CEO. It’s the opposite at Myton. I know I can knock on Ruth’s door and have a cup of tea and a catch up!

Karen sees a wide variety of patients at the Lymphoedema Clinic.


She added:

We see palliative patients as well as those who have gone through treatment and are in remission.

The difference we can make to each and every patient is incredible.

No matter whether the change is big or small, it’s so rewarding seeing the patients live happier lives.

Karen praised the staff at Myton, saying:

As a whole, we try to help patients to live a better life, however long that may be. Not just for them but for their families too.

Everyone does their best for each patient to make the most of their time and feel as if they are supported for as long as they need it.

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