What kind of community do you want to live in?

This week, our Complementary Therapy Manager, Bev Horton, explains the importance of volunteering…

I am writing this on the eve of the very controversial presidential election which has brought to mind thoughts around the world of the democracy we live in and the very relevant topic of voting.

There is a famous statement about voting and volunteering:

“You vote in the elections when required, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

 If this quote resonates with you, not only does that say so much about the community you want to live in but there is a place where you can do all of these things.

Volunteering at Myton is not just about giving back to the community, it’s about the most precious gift of all and that’s the gift of time.

If you feel strongly about how you use your time and feel like you may have a little to spare and share, the complementary therapy team at Myton are looking for both qualified therapists and those with a keen interest in complementary therapy who are willing to take the time to be trained in simple therapeutic techniques that often make the world of difference to the person benefitting from them. Investing your time in the complementary therapy team means we will invest our time in you.

The results you experience from giving even the shortest amount of time are sometimes life-changing. They say ‘volunesia’ is the condition you get from volunteering. Volunesia is the moment you forget you are volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours!

While we leave the Americans to battle out who their new leader will be and what it is that leader will be able to do for them, I am reminded of a quote from one of their most powerful and influential leaders of the twentieth century, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, who said,

“Life’s most urgent question is; What are you doing for others?”  

His gift was being able to address diverse communities with one voice. Are you able to share your gift within our diverse hospice?

If your vote is about contributing to the kind of community you love and want to live in, come and join us. Please fill in the short form below or call 02476 841 900 ext 262.

Thank you.