Matt Gabbitas, shares his thoughts on the work experience he did with the Myton Hospices.

I decided to do my work experience at The Myton Hospices because I have heard so much about the great working environment and the Myton community from my mum and my auntie who are also staff at Myton. I believe that is a big factor in choosing a workplace and I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of getting work experience or even volunteering at the Myton Hospices that it has been an incredible place to learn the basics of the working world and I have learnt things that can now set me up for life!


I am currently studying Maths, Economics and Geography at Myton Sixth Form just over the road from the Warwick Myton Hospice which is very convenient! My subjects sparked my interest in a business-related job role which is the reason why I decided to do my work experience with the Marketing Department here at Myton. After sixth form, I am hoping to go onto University and study a business or economics related course as that is my key area of interest. One of the most difficult things was getting used to the working hours of 9am-5pm as I normally finish at 3.10pm, and 2.55pm on Wednesdays!


I have learned a lot during my short time here at Myton. My first day I attended a corporate induction meeting which is compulsory for new staff and volunteers. I found it surprisingly interesting finding out information all about Myton and the history of the hospices. As well as this, I was taught how the social media accounts are run and how the tweets are arranged. I was also shown how to create the emails which are sent out to subscribers of the Myton Hospices. I attended the Reading Well for Long Term Conditions book collection launch at Coventry Library along with Sophie from the marketing team. We answered any questions and any misconceptions people have about Myton as well as speaking to other people from the NHS, Lloyds Pharmacy and the Citizens Advice Bureau. I also spent time in Leamington town centre as well as Warwick Square trying to promote the Myton Summer Fete on Sunday 16th July. We spoke to several shop owners about any of their previous experiences with Myton (all of them positive!) as well as whether they would advertise the poster for the Fete. On my final day I helped rearrange the shop and supplies of the Warwick Hospice as well as write my first press release about the upcoming Cycle Challenge on Sunday 6th July.


The thing I enjoyed most was the working environment because everyone really is very welcoming and lovely. Also I thoroughly enjoyed promoting the Summer Fete to the stores in Leamington and Warwick, as not only is it a massive help to Myton as it should largely improve the turnout to the event but it also has greatly improved my social skills and the different ways you speak to specific people dependent on the situation.

Overall I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone in the Marketing department for being so warm and friendly to me. Every day I have been asked how am I doing and whether I needed help with anything; the support I have received has been simply incredible and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that Myton has gifted to me.

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