Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

The Myton Hospices is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week and we are proud to join the Mental Health Foundation bringing attention to this year’s theme, anxiety.


Anxiety is a normal and common emotion, but it can quickly escalate and become a mental health problem, so much so that a quarter of adults said anxiety has disrupted their daily life some or most of the time.


This year, the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week is to help people learn about anxiety, its causes, and how you can prevent it.


Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week


At The Myton Hospices, we are committed to promoting mental wellbeing amongst our staff and volunteers to help ensure they stay well and are able to deliver the best possible care for our patients and their families. We offer ongoing support and have a trained team of Mental Health First Aiders, as well as a range of other services available.


We are marking Mental Health Awareness Week through several avenues, focusing on different areas of mental wellbeing and anxiety. To kick off the activities, we have created ‘Myton Mental Health Micro-Moments Hunt’, a treasure hunt set up across our hospices with 13 posters hidden throughout, providing a variety of mental health tips on how staff and volunteers can manage their mental wellbeing.


For each poster found, participants will be entered into a prize draw to win fantastic prizes kindly donated by local individuals, including Reiki sessions, coaching, self-helps books and exercise classes.


Emily Young, Employee and Volunteer Wellbeing Co-Ordinator at The Myton Hospices is providing our staff and volunteers with information videos about anxiety, featuring tools and ideas to help manage anxiety and to provide a deeper understanding of this powerful emotion.


Additionally, The Myton Hospices are thrilled to have Helen Clinton, a certified and accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, attend our Coventry and Warwick hospices, taking staff and volunteers through the ‘tapping’ technique used to replace the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, with endorphins using acupuncture points and talking therapy.


We are also emphasising the importance of exercise and mental health. To help with this, The Myton Hospices staff and volunteers have access to the #DoingOurBit platform, a one-stop-shop for everything wellbeing, from exercise to nutrition. 


Find out more about #DoingOurBit


Mindfulness is another important part in preserving good mental health, enabling individuals to stay with difficult feelings without analysing, supressing or encouraging them. We are excited to announce that staff and volunteers will also be given an exclusive code to access a free online course surrounding mindfulness provided by the incredible Elizabeth Marsh.


Emily said:

Getting involved in Mental Health Awareness week is really important to us here in the Wellbeing Team.

This year the Mental Health Foundation has chosen ‘anxiety’ as its theme.

Anxiety is a normal emotion in us all, but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem.

Mental health is an area of wellbeing that affects every area of life for an individual.

Our Bi-monthly Myton Wellness check-ins highlight that managing stress and anxiety is something that is important to our staff.

We are therefore excited to host a week of varying aspects including: Myton Mental Health Micro-moment QR Codes dotted around the hospices (with many mental health related prizes), emotional freedom technique (tapping) activity interactive session held by an expert, anxiety management insights, tools and tips and a free online mindfulness course for all staff.

Mental Health Awareness Week highlights the importance of taking care of our mental health, which, in turn, impacts our physical health, relationships and overall wellbeing.


At The Myton Hospices, we are proud to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week and contributing to raising awareness on how to promote mental wellbeing amongst our staff and volunteers.

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