More people, like Nasra, can access our Myton at Home service using our new online self-referral option

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We understand that many people at the end of their life want to be cared for in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by family and friends.


Our Myton at Home service is designed to enable patients to remain at home and for them and their loved ones to be supported in their final weeks or days of life. The service also helps to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.


To make accessing our Myton at Home service as easy as possible we have now introduced online self-referral so that patients, their loved ones or carers can refer directly to this service simply by calling us or completing a short online form. Healthcare professionals can also refer on behalf of patients and families.


Nasra Hamid was a caring mother to three wonderful children and a loving grandmother to a beautiful grandson when she was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Nasra and her family experienced the amazing care from our Myton at Home team.


Nadia, Nasra’s sister, said:


My beautiful sister spent the majority of her life caring for others within her profession but also cared for both our parents before they died seven months apart.

Nasra collapsed at home and was rushed to A&E. A scan showed evidence of a cancerous mass on her brain and cancerous masses on her vital organs, including her lungs, liver and kidneys.


Nadia explained:


Unfortunately, my sister and family were given a shocking prognosis that she would only have a couple of weeks to live.

You can only imagine the multiple blows felt by the whole family and words cannot possibly describe the state of shock and grief that followed.

Nasra wanted to die at home surrounded by loved ones. The family were able to help, support and care for her at home and communication with the palliative care team during their visits had become more regular due to worsening symptoms.

The Myton Hospices - Nasra Hamid
The Myton Hospices - Nasra Hamid

Within two weeks of being discharged from hospital, it became evident that the cancer had become more aggressive. During a visit, the palliative care team mentioned our Myton at Home service.


Nadia commented:


Myton at Home was something I knew nothing about prior to my sister’s condition. My assumption was that The Myton Hospices only admitted patients at their site.

I was so relieved to learn that Myton also offer home visits which provided much needed support for Nasra’s children, not only in providing experienced personal care but also for a little respite.

Nasra received three visits a day from our Myton at Home team from the following day.


Nadia added:


We can’t thank the team enough, as they provided personal care to my sister during a time when the family were in a state of shock and disbelief, witnessing our beloved Nasra’s deteriorating health.

The team of carers including Andy and Sharon were exceptional and supportive. They came in smiling and their smiles and kindness really meant a lot under such extreme emotional pressures the family were faced with.

The team always asked how we were doing and we felt valued as family members. They were also brilliant at making suggestions about how to ensure Nasra was as comfortable as possible.

It was clear that they were experienced and ultimately very passionate and caring about their roles. This made the family feel at ease as it is not easy letting someone else take care of someone so dear and precious to you.

Nasra died just four weeks after her diagnosis on the 23rd September 2023,  aged 51.


Looking back at their experience with Myton, Nadia said:


Myton has a special place in our hearts and on our journey ahead. Not only did Nasra personally support and advocate the importance of The Myton Hospices and all the brilliant work they do, but in the end, it ultimately provided the attentive support and personal care that she would passionately provide to others.

Our Myton at Home service is available in Rugby, Leamington Spa and Warwick for people aged 18+ with a terminal illness in the last weeks of life.


If you think Myton at Home could benefit you or a loved one, we are here to help and support you.


Find out more about the service and how to refer HERE!