Our IT Manager, Pash Jugpal, tells us why he believes hospice care is about living

I joined Myton back in 2007. Having worked for large corporate companies for many years, I wanted to work for an organisation that really makes a difference in the local community.

Working at Myton for the last 9 years has exposed me to a whole range of situations and experiences that have given me a real insight into what hospice care is and just how much everyone is willing to do for patients and their loved ones, my department included.

A few years ago, there was a young lad in the Inpatient Unit at Warwick Myton. He was in his late teens and because he was at Myton he was unable to attend his prom at The Assembly in Leamington Spa. We set up a skype session in his room and linked it up to a projector screen at the venue so everyone could see him and also he could see them. Although he was unable to attend the prom in person, we tried our very best to make him feel as though he was there celebrating with all of his friends. To this day, I am so glad we were able to arrange that for him.

To me, hospice care is not about dying but living.

The team at Myton work together to ensure that patients live well from the moment they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although most people think that hospices are there for the final days or weeks of life, over the years I have realised that hospice care, especially at Myton, can be a long process of care and support for both patients and their families.