Our staff and patients describe the difference our volunteers make at Myton

This Volunteers’ Week, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight and also celebrate the difference our volunteers make here at Myton. Whether they are helping out in the Inpatient Unit, marshalling at one of our events, driving our volunteers to and from day hospice, volunteering at one of our shops or taking the time to listen to our patients and their loved ones during a very difficult time, each and every minute our volunteers give each day has a significant impact on the care and support we are able to provide here at Myton. We would not be able to provide our services or raise the vital funds we need without their support.

Patients and staff across the organisation have kindly taken the time to explain why our volunteers’ presence is so important:

Volunteers are smart, witty, friendly and welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble for them.


‘What a difference volunteers make to our day! Always there with smiles of cheer or sympathy and always there with offers of various drinks and home-made goodies. They are so generous with their time and varied skills.’


My attendance

once a week allows me to feel normal. I appreciate volunteers for their

generosity and observation of our smallest need. The biggest difference

they have made in my life is their willingness to chat. They keep me in

touch with today’s world, shops, prices, developments of all sorts. They

talk of their grandchildren and lives and make me feel part of that.

They keep me young in thought and mind.

Without volunteers we would not have The Myton Hospices. They light up the lives of patients, relatives and staff. They come from all ‘walks of life’ and are so interesting to listen to- they are pure gold!!

Our fabulous volunteers enable the fundraising group to raise the over £8 million needed each year. Without them, Myton’s events would not be as successful, we would not have the income from bucket collections at supermarkets and festivals, and the almost 1,800 collection tins in shops and pubs would not be emptied as regularly. Our shops and warehouse would be unable to function, and our Lottery team would be unable to continue increasing Lottery income. We quite literally couldn’t operate without them!

Volunteers are the life blood of our shop. I couldn’t manage without them. Each has their own individual skills and each brings something unique to the “team”. They make each day a joy to work, with their tireless efforts and their constant laughter. I love the “banter” between them all. Each one, to me, is priceless!!!

As our patients and staff clearly explain, our volunteers bring so much comfort, compassion, talent and character to our organisation. All of our volunteers deserve to be recognised and sincerely thanked for all they do and that is why this Volunteers’ Week we would like to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, not only for helping to make Myton the organisation it has become today but also for giving up their time to support Myton in any way they can.

Without them we would not be able to run our services and we feel incredibly honoured to have each and every one of them.