We asked people to share their experiences of some of the new services on offer at Rugby Myton Support Hub…


Rugby Myton Support Hub, which opened in May this year, is a service aimed at anyone aged 18 and over who is living with or caring for someone with a life limiting illness.


We asked participants to share their experiences of some of the new services, have a read to find out more and hear what people said about them…


Listening ear:

Our Listening Ear service is a safe, friendly, supportive and confidential space to share experiences and advice with other people in similar situations.


This is a carer led group that is facilitated by trained volunteers and is a safe space that’s outside your normal circle of family and friends where you can speak honestly.


I find that going to Myton makes it easy to talk, staff and others listen to anything that is troubling you no matter if it is big or small, they are there to help. It makes it easier.

I thought I knew everything about caring after many years of being a carer. I was wrong I have learnt so much.

It was such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and everybody contributed.

There was so much support especially in regard to keeping one’s identity and looking after yourself as a carer.

Reassuring to be able to talk to others about the problems of being a carer and being able to share ideas on how to manage looking after our partners.

Every person associated with Myton whether employed or a volunteer gave off an aura of caring. This felt absolutely divine.

Bereavement Point:

Bereavement Point is an 8-week programme consisting of group sessions running in conjunction with Compassionate Communities where all people who have cared for a person with a life limiting illness and are bereaved are welcome.


It’s a safe space to meet and talk with others who may be experiencing similar thoughts and feelings in an informal supportive setting where everyone can feel listened to and feel valued.


Hope, Comfort, Realisation, Fun, Others views, Different Activities, Compassion, Comfort, Help Avenues, Something to look forward to each week.

I got my self-confidence back.

The staff showed us all considerable compassion and care.


Making Memories:

‘Legacy Work’ is the process of transforming thoughts into action. It’s the act of sitting down and taking time to purposefully create something for people you love and care about.


Legacy work isn’t about death and dying, it’s about life and living. It’s about making connections and sharing precious moments with the special people in your life.


By attending Making Memories I have achieved skills that I didn’t even know I had. They are therapeutic and now I have a new hobby. I now have physical things for my family for them to remember me by which is amazing.

By coming to the Making Memories session it has made me more positive. I enjoyed the company and hope it can happen again.

Letter writing: Tania spoke well, listened to us and gave us very good ideas as to what to write.

We spoke about recording our memories, which I found really interesting. The idea that our children could actually hear our voices after we have died is brilliant, especially the grandchildren. This is maybe something that I might pursue.

Making Memories


“Time for me” Art and Craft sessions:

These sessions are designed to help maintain interests or develop new skills and enhance quality of life.


The programme of activities includes painting, craft work, card making, flower arranging, gardening and sewing.


The teacher was excellent, patient with us allowing us to create lots of ideas. I even learnt how to match different colours.

Not just about creating things, the time spent talking to others is invaluable and I now have a new hobby.

Time for me: gardening
Time for me: gardening
Time for me: card making
Time for me: card making


Coffee Connexion:

If you think you would benefit from advice and support but don’t want to book on to one of the activities, please don’t hesitate to just pop in.


It would be great to see you at one of our drop-in sessions on Tuesdays 3:30-5pm and Thursdays 1:30-3pm.


Seeing someone arrive full of sadness and feeling they have no one to turn to, feeling alone. Sitting for a while with people who listen and truly care and walking out with a smile and knowing they that are not alone.

I find that I get so much out of it, it’s so friendly and helpful to talk if I have problems.

Cosy, Brilliant, Therapeutic, Myton Magic.

Safe place to communicate and share thoughts.

Able to leave my worries at the door.

Caring, welcoming staff and volunteers.

Look forward to coming. Safe to share thoughts, everything said is valued.

Go home feeling positive.

Coffee Connexion
Coffee Connexion


If you would like to book an appointment to join any of these activities please contact Rugby Myton Support Hub on 01788 550085 between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) to confirm availability.


The Hub is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4pm. You don’t need an appointment, just come in. You can find us on the grounds of St Cross Hospital at Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5PY.


If you think you or a loved one would benefit from any of the services at Rugby Myton Support Hub, find out more below.


Rugby Myton Support Hub Services


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