Rugby Myton Support Hub turned life around for patient, Rose

Rose was diagnosed with cancer and embarked on a challenging journey of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, receiving treatment once a day for a month.


But what was equally as challenging was the overwhelming sense of isolation she felt throughout.


Rose said:


I found it incredibly hard. My daughter dealt with it terribly as well, and couldn’t cope attending appointments with me. I’m a single parent and my own parents are elderly so weren’t able to accompany me, but cared for me at their home throughout my treatment. But I felt so alone.

It was devasting. I was travelling to the Arden Centre in Coventry everyday by ambulance, and would sometimes be waiting up to seven hours for an ambulance to take me home again, so they were very long and draining days.

It wasn’t a pleasant environment either. I would look around at other people going through the same thing and they would always have someone with them. But I was alone. I had no support and it was hell on earth.

Rose started to experience side effects of her treatment, feeling extremely tired, nauseous and losing her appetite.


To make matters worse, due to an oversight, Rose wasn’t assigned a Macmillan Nurse to guide and support her throughout her cancer journey.


Rose added:

Due to the treatment and the nature of the cancer, my skin was peeling in intimate areas, making it difficult to walk.

I was prescribed creams but couldn’t access the areas to apply it myself.

I had regular phone calls from my GP and told him that I was struggling – he was outraged when he found out I didn’t have a Macmillan Nurse to help me.

Fortunately, the district nurses stepped in to provide some much-needed support and are still supporting her to this day.


After six months, Rose was told after some more scans that the cancer wasn’t growing or spreading but her prognosis would be up to five years.


But it wasn’t until Rose’s mental health started deteriorating that her doctor suggested The Myton Hospices.


Rose said:

I have never asked anyone for help in my lifetime, but I had reached my breaking point and I didn’t want to be here anymore.

I knew I should be happy that I had gone through the treatment and was on the other side.

But I couldn’t stop the suicidal thoughts.

Rose knew she needed help as she hadn’t left her house in months and was bed ridden due to her treatment. Reluctantly, she reached out to Myton.


Rose added:

It took me two weeks to muster up the courage to phone Myton, my anxiety was through the roof.

Amanda at Rugby Myton Support Hub answered my call and I immediately started crying. But Amanda was so calming, patient and understanding. She suggested I pop down to the Support Hub to have an initial chat.

Amanda was the one who drew me in at the beginning. Without her support, I don’t think I could’ve walked through the doors.

When I arrived, she could tell I was nervous. I was shaking and started to cry, but she made me a drink and we took a seat and chatted for an hour and a half!

I needed the push to get me out there again. The courses I did at the Support Hub did just that. I was petrified of being around new people but Amanda was amazing and sat right next to me until I felt more comfortable, she was a godsend.

Rose attended ‘Time for Me’ Art and Craft sessions where she joined in with a variety of activities.

The Myton Hospices - Rugby Myton Support Hub activities

Rose added:

Coming to Myton and receiving the wonderful support really made me come out of my shell again.

I have met two lovely ladies and we have become the three musketeers. We laugh, chat and support each other. We’ve arranged meals, days out and we’re even going to some concerts together soon!

Without Myton, I know I wouldn’t be here now. I was let down on multiple occasions by multiple people during my diagnosis and treatment. Myton puts me first and I know they really care. I feel as if I’m known as a person and not a number.

The person who locked the front door before wasn’t the same person who unlocked it again. Going to Myton, people around me can see that I’ve changed. I’ve learnt what I do and don’t want in my life, and that’s all down to Myton. I’m finally finding my identity again.

Since joining The Myton Hospices, I have felt and been welcomed into what feels like a close-knit family network. I would like to thank Myton and its team for opening doors of life experiences that I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to do.

Myton holds a special place within me and will do for the continuous future and can help others who seek ongoing support from Myton’s compassionate and caring nature!

Rugby Myton Support Hub is for anyone aged 18 or over who is living with or caring for someone with a life limiting illness.


If you think our Rugby Myton Support Hub could help you or a loved one, pop in and meet the team to find out more about how we can support you.

The Hub is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4pm. Alternatively, you can call 01788 550085.


Find out more about Rugby Myton Support Hub here

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