Continue your Christmas traditions or make new ones this year with Stratford PlayHouse’s production of Aladdin and support The Myton Hospices!

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For many, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a visit to the pantomime.


With a variety of festive fairy-tale retellings each year, people in Stratford Upon Avon can catch Aladdin this Christmas season before he flies off on his magic carpet!


We have been incredibly fortunate to team up with Stratford PlayHouse with their production of Aladdin this year.


Our amazing volunteers will be collecting donations at each performance to raise vital funds for The Myton Hospices this Christmas!


You may see a familiar face as Jasmine! Holly Matthews is starring this year alongside her two daughters.


Holly said:

My husband Ross was taken care of and died at The Myton Hospices in 2017.

Ross was my biggest supporter and fan, and he would have loved me and our daughters being in Panto together.

He would’ve gathered everyone to come along and watch!

The Myton Hospices made the hardest time in mine and all of Ross’s family’s life just that bit easier and I promised while we were there that I would continue to make sure others had access.

Lawrence Prestidge, Production Producer, added:

This year’s Pantomime at the Stratford PlayHouse are really excited to support Myton and are looking forward to bringing some Panto magic!

The Myton Hospices - Aladdin Pantomime Rehearsals
The Myton Hospices - Aladdin Pantomime Rehearsals
The Myton Hospices - Aladdin Pantomime Rehearsals

We would like to thank Holly, Lawrence and everyone involved with the pantomime for all your incredible support, as well as our wonderful volunteers and supporters who will be there collecting donations for Myton!


Please give generously if you can – this year we need to raise £10.5 million to continue providing our services free of charge, so every penny you donate really does make a big difference!

Aladdin runs from Friday 15th December to Sunday 31st December.


If a pantomime is one of your festive traditions or you and your family would like so start a new tradition this year and support The Myton Hospices, tickets for Aladdin are available! 


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