We’re always amazed by the inventive ways people choose to fundraise for The Myton Hospices, and ‘The Emscote Run’ is one of the most unusual we’ve ever come across!

Now in its 8th year, The Emscote Run began life as an annual pub-crawl following the Emscote Road. The friends taking part dressed in athletics gear to add to the fun, and would jog from one pub to the next as they made their way from Warwick’s Market Square to Leamington Spa. And since 2015, the event has been raising money for The Myton Hospices!

More about The Emscote Run...

Aaron, Tom and Jack – three of the 16 people taking part in this year’s event – came to our Warwick Hospice to tell us more about The Emscote Run.

The Emscote Run - Fundraising - The Myton Hospices

“We’ve toned down the costumes these days – in the beginning there were lots of wigs and short-shorts! We come ready to run still and get a lot of stares. The charity side of it started as people were asking us why we were doing it and who it was for. Initially it was just for fun and then we decided we could do it for a local charity and chose Myton Hospice. It’s a very good evening!

“We all donate an entry fee, but now we’re thinking about getting sponsorship from family and friends. It started out as £10 each to enter but this year it is £20. We have around 12 people each year and visit around 14 pubs. We start at Lloyds in Warwick and finish at The Star and Garter in Leamington, and we have a different drink in each pub. We then have a night out in Leamington!

“We’ve raised around £500 for Myton, including this year’s entry. Myton is always a go-to charity for a few of us – we’re all local and it’s a local charity. When people ask us what we’re doing and we tell them it’s for Myton, they love it! We’ve even had drinks bought for us. At the end of the day, we’re raising money and we’re a respectful bunch – we like to think there’s a positive atmosphere around us.

“The running and the fresh air means you don’t feel too bad by the time you make it to the last pub! The runs do definitely get more serious as we go on. We have a rule where if a car beeps its horn we all have to do ten push-ups. We have had people cotton on to that and keep driving past us beeping their horns!

There are a few in the group who are now dads and we’d like to think that in 20 years time there will be fathers and sons doing The Emscote Run together!

To everyone who is taking part...

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is taking part in this year’s Emscote Run, and who has taken part previously. Thank you for your generosity and your support!

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