The Myton Hospices are #DoingOurBit

#DoingOurBit is an online platform by the NHS for the NHS, and we are proud to announce The Myton Hospices is the first hospice to join the online community – thanks to our incredible Wellbeing Team.


Despite not being part of the NHS we do employ many healthcare professionals and it is great to know that the platform is geared towards their needs.


#DoingOurBit offers online sessions from leading professionals across fitness, wellness, mental health and nutrition.


Members of staff are able to watch tailor made activities for all fitness levels, accessible by a laptop or mobile device, ranging in length and activeness, with sessions being able to be completed at a desk with minimal movement.


Staff can also access sessions in the comfort of their own home, with the option to do higher impact workouts or complete sessions with their families.


New videos are uploaded continuously as the platform continues to grow, so there’s always something new to try.


Emily Young, Wellbeing Co-ordinator for The Myton Hospices, said:

As a Wellbeing Co-ordinator this a wonderful resource to signpost our staff to.

The #DoingOurBit PT platform enables individuals to tailor an exercise or wellbeing programme to their unique needs at a time that suits them.

The breadth of choice made available by trained professionals that understand the healthcare context that we work in is so beneficial.

It is important to us to factor in the needs of our diverse workforce and #doingourbit provides a wide variety of options including sessions offering a range of intensity levels and lengths of time.

The hub of wellbeing information is also extremely valuable focusing on specific areas such as the menopause which is very relevant to many of our workforce.

It’s like a really helpful, one stop shop!

Julie Davis, founder of #DoingOurBit said:

I was introduced to The Myton Hospices through one of our Senior Palliative Care Nurses who wanted to ensure that the #DoingOurBit platform was made available to hospices as part of our aim to roll this out into the wider health and care setting.

From day one, the enthusiasm around improving the health and wellbeing of the teams in the organisation was clearly evident and that is so encouraging in such a pressured environment.

Myton are honestly one of the most engaged groups that I have worked with in the two plus years we have been rolling this out and hopefully the staff find some support through the #DoingOurBit platform, whether it is around accessing physical activity sessions, yoga, menopause guidance or support and signposting towards mental health resources and videos.

The beauty of #DoingOurBit is that it hasn’t stood still: we are continuing to build the platform to bring new content and opportunities to enable health and care staff free access to physical and mental wellbeing resources online, on demand and, soon, in leisure facilities.

We are so pleased that Myton are the first hospice to launch #DoingOurBit and we would love to hear more from staff about what they want on the site, and we can ensure that the platform gives you all what you want and what you need.

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