The Myton Hospices embrace innovative ‘No Barriers Here’ approach to Advance Care Planning


Nurses from The Myton Hospices have been trained as ‘No Barriers Here’ facilitators to run innovative workshops to aid Advance Care Planning for patients and families.


The ‘No Barriers Here’ model particularly focuses on enabling people from underrepresented groups to participate in these important sessions. This marks a significant step forward in equitable Advance Care Planning and is part of our ongoing outreach work into a wide range of communities.


The ‘No Barriers Here’ workshop introduces a unique methodology to Advance Care Planning for individuals and communities facing barriers when accessing end of life care.


Utilising art-based techniques, the initiative aims to ensure inclusivity and accessibility throughout the Advance Care Planning process. Often, underrepresented groups and individuals lack the opportunity to plan for their end of life due to systemic obstacles, socio-economic factors, or reduced confidence from healthcare professionals.


The workshops are an invaluable toolkit designed to empower people when planning for the future. Through engaging activities and open dialogue, participants explore crucial aspects of care preferences in a non-verbal, non-confrontational manner.

The Myton Hospices -Outreach Infographic May 2024

The initiative provides diverse communication avenues through arts and crafts to discover values, wishes and what is important to patients in a way that works for them. Important aspects include maintaining identity, personal and medical care, spiritual care and psychological support.


Funded by a grant from The Westham House Fund based in Rugby, our Patient and Carer Wellbeing Lead, Tracey Evans, Senior Staff Wellbeing Nurse, Jo Burton, and Community Engagement Manager, Olivia Bowskill attended the ‘No Barriers Here’ training workshop hosted by Mary Stevens Hospice.


The ground-breaking session, attended by healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds within and outside the hospice and palliative care sector, involved taking part in the activities patients experience to fully understand the process and how it is beneficial.


As trained facilitators, our team are now rolling out pilot ‘No Barriers Here’ workshops for current patients using our Patient and Carer Wellbeing Services, with future plans to embed the initiative for more patients and to reach out into the community.


Tracey Evans said:


“The workshop was incredibly thought provoking expressed in a gentle manner. We learnt things about ourselves and others that we had not been aware of which shows the benefit of the workshops. The workshops allow you to have time to think about what is important to you which can often be forgotten in the busy world we are in.

I am really excited to take it forward at our Rugby Myton Support Hub initially whilst exploring ways to support more people in our local community.”

At The Myton Hospices, we believe that everyone matters for every single moment of their life and are dedicated to ensuring people have the opportunity to plan and receive care in alignment with their values and preferences, regardless of their background.


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