The Myton Hospices talk about World Religion Day

On 25th January, people of all faiths across the world will be celebrating World Religion Day. World Religion Day provides people with the opportunity to explore different religions and unite, regardless of faith, to understand and identify potential similarities which lie within each religion. Myton celebrates World Religion Day and believes this provides people of all faiths, and those of none, to find out more about other religions.

At Myton, we encourage our patients and their loved ones to explore any thoughts and feelings they may have but find difficult to discuss with the people who are closest to them. Our Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team are trained to provide confidential, non-judgemental support regardless of denomination, culture or ethnicity.

Despite common misconception, you don’t have to be religious to access our pastoral care services. Our pastoral care team believe that some of life’s biggest questions concerning identity and life’s meaning are equally as important for those who believe in God and for those who do not- no one will try to pressurize or convert you. Our aim is to listen to your story and to help you make sense of it if we can.

The Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team consists of Anglican chaplains and a Muslim imam (multi-faith chaplain) who are supported by a number of volunteers on each site.