Tricia Lyons was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012 and received amazing care at our Rugby Myton Support Hub

Tricia Lyons was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012. She had surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and struggled to find out what support was available to her.


Tricia contacted her Macmillan Nurse, Tracy, and was referred to Rugby Myton Hospice – now Rugby Myton Support Hub.


Tricia attended Rugby Myton once a week and had a named nurse and access to a hairdresser, physiotherapy, counselling, complementary therapy and art therapy.


Tricia describes being part of a close and supportive group who became good friends.


Tricia told us:


I didn’t like the idea of meeting all new people in a group setting but I felt abandoned and didn’t know which way to turn so I gave it a go.

After just a couple of sessions it became the highlight of my week!

The amazing volunteers made sure that no-one felt awkward or left out, provided drinks and had time to chat.

There was also the Quiet Room where you could go either to have privacy with your nurse or to just be quiet and perhaps read one of the many books there.

We also had a quiz to finish most days which was played with great gusto.

I live alone and have little family, I felt so unwell during and after my treatment I don’t know what I would have done without Myton.

I felt safe – whatever problem I was faced with I could ask for help and they would find a solution.

Everyone was facing   life-limiting illnesses and some were indeed nearing the end of their lives, but the day hospice was not a place of misery or hopelessness because of the dedication of every single person who worked or volunteered there.

The group kept my spirits up and Myton is such a happy place, we had a lot of fun and I made some really good friends.

After 5 years Tricia was given the all clear for cancer but in 2018 a routine mammogram found that she had cancer in her other breast and she underwent radiotherapy and surgery.


Tricia contacted her Macmillan Nurse, Tracy, again and she arranged for her to return to Rugby Myton, this time for a six week programme.


Tricia was able to get the advice and support she needed and has continued to access our counselling service since then.


Earlier this year Tricia heard about the opening of our new Rugby Myton Support Hub and came along to an open day to find out more and enquire about volunteering for Myton.


There she met Tracy, her old Macmillan nurse, who is now The Myton Hospices Wellbeing Lead and manager of Rugby Myton Support Hub!

Tricia added:

I certainly find it comforting to know that the Hub is there should I need it

We hope that Tricia’s story will help to dispel the myth that we are only about end of life care, death and dying.


Often people who have a life-limiting illness have a lot of living left to do and we want to support them to have the best possible quality of life, for as long as possible.


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