We have been celebrating our amazing volunteers this Volunteers Week!


Join Pam and Linda and find out how you can volunteer at Myton HERE!


This Volunteers Week, we have been showcasing just a few of the amazing volunteers we are incredibly lucky to have at The Myton Hospices.


Our volunteers cover all aspects of The Myton Hospices and we truly couldn’t function without their unwavering support – so a huge thank you from Myton to all of our incredible volunteers, you are all fabulous!


With a wide range of volunteering roles, from our inpatient units, coffee shops, charity shops, fundraising events and support groups, we wanting to highlight some amazing women who generously spend their time on our reception desks.


Having spent her career dedicated to advocating for older people, Linda wanted to continue helping people during her retirement.

She commented:


I have always enjoyed working and helping people. After chatting with a friend who volunteers for Myton, she suggested this might be something I could do as well. I sent in my application and was placed on a waiting list, but after no time at all I started volunteering on Coventry Myton Hospice’s reception desk one afternoon a week.

I really enjoy volunteering at Myton and I know it enables the doctors and nurses to do their job! I’ve had such a positive experience, and being able to offer a friendly smile to those who are going through a very difficult time in their life is really rewarding.


Pam is also a familiar face at The Myton Hospices, spending her Monday afternoons at our Coffee Shop at Coventry Myton Hospice serving drinks and snacks to patients, visitors, fellow volunteers and staff members.


Pam stated:


I’ve been volunteering for about six or seven years now, it’s so easy to lose track of time! A dear friend of mine was an inpatient at Coventry Myton Hospice and one day when I was visiting, I had a coffee from the shop. I was really impressed with the set-up and asked how I could become a volunteer as I had recently gained some free time after retiring.

I had already begun to think about volunteering, and perhaps at UHCW to help feed the patients, but once I experienced the lovely atmosphere at Myton I decided this would suit me better – plus there is free parking… not to be sneezed at!


Although sometimes bringing a book or magazine for the quiet times, Pam commented on the social aspect of volunteering at Myton, with always having someone to talk to:


It’s so rewarding to be a part of this caring profession and I am privileged to be able to volunteer some of my time to help Myton. It’s certainly not a sad place to be, the atmosphere is so friendly and calm.

Volunteering at Myton has taught me so much about communication as you get to meet everyone who walks through the doors. Some may want to chat or sometimes they just want to sit quietly and gather their thoughts


To end Volunteers Week, we would like to say a huge thank you to every single volunteer, including Linda and Pam for all of your fabulous support.


We are a charity and we need to raise £11 million of the £14.3 million it costs to continue providing our services free of charge to people and their families across Coventry and Warwickshire.


Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without you!


Join Pam and Linda and find out how you can volunteer at Myton HERE!


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