Wembrook Primary School hunt to raise money for Myton


Many of us can remember participating in a sponsored walk or a non-school uniform day at school to raise money for charity.

This year, Wembrook Primary School chose to move away from traditional fundraising activities and organise a unique event that truly honoured their late Office Manager, Janet Holt.

Working at Wembrook for over 26 years, Janet was a much loved member of staff at the school and that is why staff and pupils wanted the fundraiser to be a fitting tribute to Janet and her love of animals.

Once they had decided they wanted to raise money for Myton in memory of Janet, Wembrook set up a small project group to develop the ideas they had discussed. It was soon decided by all those involved that they would organise an event that would include the whole community. During one of the meetings, it was suggested that staff dress up as animals and pose in shop windows whilst the school children made their way around Nuneaton to hunt for them.

As soon as the treasure hunt was launched, everyone wanted to get involved.

On the day, children purchased a map with clues about where their teachers might be hiding. Once they had solved the clue, the pupils headed off to find the animal and the letter the staff were holding in the shop window which, once gathered, spelt out the names of Janet’s dogs, Henry and Buster. The day was a great success, with an estimated 1,500 coming together to support their event on the day.

Simon Pearson, Headteacher at Wembrook Primary School, said, ‘It took a lot of time to organise but on the day everyone had so much fun it was all worth it!’


When asked why they chose to raise money for Myton, Simon said, ‘Until I visited Myton, I didn’t really appreciate everything the hospice did for those who accessed their services. I know Janet was getting increasingly anxious about where and how she would spend her final days but as soon as she went to Myton, all that anxiety went. We know that Myton depends on voluntary income to provide their services, so we were determined to do our bit so that others can be treated the way our special Janet was.’


Thanks to all those who helped organise the treasure hunt as well as everyone who took part in the event on the day, Wembrook Primary School have raised £6,216 for Myton in memory of Janet.

We would like to say a very big thank you to all the kind staff and pupils at Wembrook Primary School for helping us to raise the funds we need to provide our valuable services.

We would also like to thank the many generous shops in Nuneaton who allowed staff from Wembrook to hide in their shop windows.